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Dream CastHypnojourney & Hypnosis


"Dreams are illustrations from  the book of your soul's writings about you"

                                                                                       ~ Marsha Norman

The dream world is a very mystical place that we can experience on many levels.  We daydream, dream our world into being, reach deep levels in meditative trance to receive messages and to gain access to other dimensions.  Dreams can be powerful, prophetic, vivid, strange, stressful, erotic, scary and confusing. 


Psychology's interpretation of dreams can mean many things and their interpretation can be somewhat right.  For those who work on the spiritual side dreams can take on a whole different meaning.  Both sides of information ca be helpful..  The important thing is being able to discern what fits and knowing when your intuition is guiding you.  I always ask my clients what they felt when experiencing the dream so we can let go of ego and allow our intuition to guide us.  You can wield the power of your dreams by learning methods and tools to navigate your dream worlds.  In the waking world it can have direct results as to what we desire in our life.

Hypnojourneying is a shamanic hypnotic trance, guided through hypnosis, that safely guides you to help receive messages.  The shaman believes that humans are self-aware, and can learn to influence their consciousness. They teach that the Divine is unlimited consciousness, beyond human understanding.


Hypnosis helps the conscious part of the brain to calm and allow the subconscious to come through.  It allows you to re-frame the stories you experienced to help you to heal and find peace.  Both hypnojourneying and hypnosis can be very effective in creating a safe place to find the answers that you seek or achieve the outcome you desire.  Most importantly support your healing journey.

In each session, we discern the events of the dream and of your life.  We find techniques, methods, approaches and goals to support your magical dream world.  These sessions also help you to feel safe, get restful sleep and help you dreams to be less chaotic.

Dream Cast Hypnosis:

1. Bad dreams or Nightmares

         *Transform bad dreams and nightmares

         *Gain better control over dream world

         * Understanding the dream world

2. Dream Discernment

        * Interpret dreams

        * Dream symbolism

3. Dream Cast Hypnojourneying

  • Prophetic Dreaming

       * Enhance existing ability

       * Gain better insight to dimensional travel

       * Universal or Dimensional Travel

4. Dream Cast Hypnojourneying

  • Dream Casting

          * Dream your world into being

          * Manifest your hearts desires

PLEASE NOTE:  This is NOT stage hypnosis. You do not reveal secrets you don't want anyone to know.  You do not get stuck in hypnosis. Only you set the intention and limits of what you want to share.

Individual/Private Sessions ~ $80. (one session)

Group Sessions (minimum 4) ~ $40. (one session)

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