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Messages are connections to our guides that help us receive information. It helps us to discern what to do & where to go etc.  Our guides come in many ways.  We can also shapeshift into different forms to receive messages. 


Shapeshifting can occur during especially during hypnosis, as well as, dream time, deep transcendental meditation and ceremony just to name a few.  When we shift we take on the shapes and features of that living creature.  While temporarily taking on these forms we receive information. 


The information we are given isn't always what we asked for, however, it might be what we need to hear at the time. Learning how to discern the message is important part to help us with learning lessons and direction.  Sometimes we miss the message because we didn't know what to look for.

If you are uncertain about your animal or nature guides we can schedule some time learning and discerning who or what they are.  See more information under Shamanic Healing - "Spiritual Coaching & Consultation."


Hypnojourneying is a co-creative process to achieve the best possible outcome of your  journey.  While under hypnosis I also guide you to visit spaces and places in nature. Where you go to varies depending on your response to questions with a simply yes or no while in a deep hypnotic state.  You may feel as though you are flying, running, standing or looking out at a vast plain. Maybe you will be in a cave, on a mountain, at a waterfall, at a different time period  or dimension. It all depends on your willingness and desire to open your mind to the amazing possibilities.

If you would like more information specifically regarding the process you can receive a 20 minute free consultation.

Each session is 75 minutes

  • Hypnojourneying Single Session

  • Hypnojourneying Packages of 3 

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