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Healing Mother Wounds
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I know there are good mothers out there.  There are also ones that caused deep wounds to their children consciously or unconsciously. Whatever the reason or issue was that a mother wasn’t able to be emotionally available we need to recognize the damage.  So when adults from these difficult and sometimes traumatic times are trying to heal we must be very away of what will help and what will hurt the healing process. 


We must stop hiding or protecting the fact that some of us women need to look at our own toxicity.  We need to understand, both male and female, that the words we use can further deepen the trauma of mother wounds.   So, lets dispel the traumatizing and constant reply of saying "She did the best she could."  Statements like these completely disregards the pain the child, who is now an adult, feels.  In fact, this deepens the wounds of shame, guilt, and negative self image.  This deepens repression, continues deep lost within, makes them feel helplessness and adds to the struggles in order to move on with life. 


Yes, we have a responsibility as adults to heal our trauma’s, but this also means before, during and after healing we must acknowledge, validate and have time to sit with the mother wounds that traumatized people during childhood.  Most of all we have to learn what true listening is.  True listening, acknowledgement and understanding does not mean reminding someone of the good things or times that occurred with the parent.  Unless, you have acknowledged the pain and trauma, reminding them of the good memories of the parent only causes more triggers and shows a lack of understanding someone who has been traumatized.

Mother wounds can include, surrogate mothers, stepmothers, mother figures, or women who where very influential during our childhood. These traumas are a result of being raised by mother figures who are emotionally unavailable.  The child or adult internalizes abandonment, shame, guilt, that can filter into every aspect of our life.  These traumas and wounds can especially be difficult for those who were adopted. 


Mother wounds can also occur before and after conception.  During pregnancy we know that when the mother communicates with the baby while in the womb it influences the emotional well-being.  We can imagine what might go through the mind of a mother that for whatever reason has to give up her baby, the effects of those difficult emotions can be devastating to the unborn child.  Mother wounds and trauma can block our success, our relation to ourselves and the people around us.


Hypnosis helps let go of the trauma, change the story of self defeating thoughts or behaviours and let go of the emotions that haunt us in our lives.  In either group or individual mother wounds hypnosis we will work on abandonment, shame, guilt, fear, anxiety, depression, emotional blocks and other behavioural challenges that prevent us from living a full happy and satisfying life.  It is important to recognize that depending on the level of trauma you may need other supports while doing this healing work. 


In order to change our thoughts and behaviours we have to be willing to do the healing work.  Healing work IS work, it means we have to make a conscious effort to change the habits that are not helping us.  But I can assure you from my own healing experience life will get better, lighter and more fulfilling.

Hypnosis Group Benefits:

  • Coaching & Affirmations

  • Validation & Acknowledgement

  • Guided Meditations

  • Learn Easy Self Care

  • Coping Methods for Stress & Anxiety

  • Recorded Group Hypnosis

  • Hypnosis for Mother Wounds



Private sessions (minimum of 4) - $110.

Group Hypnosis Sessions TBA

Payments must be made 48 hours prior to scheduled appointment

Cancellation or rescheduling private appointments less than 24 hours is $70. for each session

Payments can be made by etransfer to (zero's)

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