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By paying or not paying for services, or receiving energy treatment or participating in ANYTHING offered by either Linda Gjorlihagen, Sharon Baldock or anyone assisting Sacred Source Medicine, you have (directly or indirectly) agreed to and understand the Cancellation Policy, Requirements, consent forms and Disclaimers IN FULL. You have agreed to all terms of our Consent form regardless if you have signed or not. We reserve the right to change or cancel any part or aspect of our disclaimer/consent or services offered by Sacred Source Medicine at any time.

This policy, disclaimer and consent (with or without signature) are retroactive and active to any who have participated in previous, present or future activities, services, ceremonies and ALL future offerings through Sacred Source Medicine.

When you attend our services, events, classes, workshop and other activities from Sacred Source Medicine you are here solely to learn, receive, grow and become empowered for your own personal life and not for any business(es) to gather information. All services are strictly copyrighted and trademarked. If you attend anything at Sacred Source Medicine and come to get info for other businesses you will be held accountable and may expect legal proceedings.



Sacred Source Medicine works very hard to create healing, helpful, empowering, workshops and classes. This means that a lot of work goes into creating manuals, creating services, physically, spiritually preparing our home and space. This does not include our daily life with a busy schedule of working more than one job and taking care of health needs. 

When someone cancels without notice it takes up precious time that could have been spent on other administrative duties or completing other tasks for upcoming classes and events....time set aside for your much cared for appointment....not to mention much needed time off or appointments for our own health care.

We want to be able to give you the best of ourselves and our services. All we are asking is that you be considerate of our time and generosity.

Workshop and class space may be limited to 6 - 8 people so when you register for a course and do not cancel or show, you take a spot that someone else may have wanted. We do understand when there is a family emergency or a health emergency as these things do happen. In emergency cases, we all need understanding and support.

We require 48 hours Cancellation for All appointments, workshops and ALL SERVICES offered by Sacred Source Medicine. Fees are applicable and vary with each service when you sign the consent form, cancellation fees are strictly enforced to pay for time and administration cost.




  • When you pay for one workshop or class over $100.00 there is a non-refundable $75.00 fee for EACH class or EACH workshop to pay for time and administration costs.

  • Late cancellation for treatment sessions the fee is $30.00  

  • When you pay for classes, workshops or service(s) under $30.00 NONE of the amount is refundable. 

  • When you pay for classes over $30.00 and have taken the material/information there is NO refund.

If you have paid for a workshop you must give 48 hours notice of cancellation. 
If you pay/register for a Reiki Class there is an automatic cancellation fee applied AT THE DEADLINE
of registration which is one week before the Class. Cancellation charges may apply to administration and banking charges regardless of the date you paid.
We do take into consideration if it is an emergency or health crisis.


The Canadian Charter of Freedoms states clearly that refusing services on physical ability or disability is against the law. We will not discriminate and we will accommodate.

Most classes and events are online. If there are classes you have two choices, in person or online.  You need to notify or state whether you want in person. 

We cannot ask any questions regarding vaccine status because it is a breach of the Canadian Health Act & The Charter of Rights. 

We WILL ask the regular questions to ensure people do not come to any events that could make someone sick.

If you are sick, do not come and make sure you notify us as soon as possible.  We want to make sure there is room for everyone so its important you cancel as soon as possible.  Please see our cancellation policy


We have an 11-year-old black lab cross that is super friendly. She sometimes participates as a therapy dog for those how have experienced trauma. This is an animal-friendly business where animals also receive Reiki and healing energy. If you have issues with dogs: she is very disciplined and will not disturb you or us during sessions.



  • Pay by Square, cash or e-transfer, please have exact change in paying by money.

  • Please DO NOT wear perfumes

  • Abusive language will not be tolerated

  • Anyone who is under the influence of alcohol or illegal substance will be refused treatment and held accountable for the FULL FEE of the cancellation. Unless a previous agreement has been made with us to treat addictions! We require you to be 48 hours clear of any substance before treatments are given. 

  • A qualified Doctor or Addiction counsellor's confirmation by a qualified addictions counsellor is required before any treatments begin to confirm you are participating in a recovery program.

  • Anyone under the age of 18 must be accompanied by their parent or care provider at all times.

  • All clients must read and sign a treatment permission and consent form before treatment.

  • Cell phones must be shut off before treatments.


All products are made with great care. Shamanic energy and traditions are used in the making of all products, as well as, Pagan, Druid, Celtic, First Nations, Reiki, Buddhist chanting and more. While we try to make products that last NOTHING is permanent. We follow a practice in Buddhism that nothing is permanent. All products have their life limit. This being said, our products are not made for harsh strong winds or a toy for animals and we will not guarantee items that have been abused. If something breaks within weeks we will be happy to repair your item but no refunds are given. Much time and effort have been put into these energy-powered items. 

We use Young Living Essential Oils in our treatments (unless stated before the session) and products. We also share and offer guidance if you wish to become a Young Living Member which is free. We are not in it for profit but we want you to have several tools that can assist you on your healing journey.



Sharon, Linda & other members at Sacred Source Medicine reserve the right to cancel appointments at any time, therefore it is your responsibility to give accurate and immediate contact information when setting up your appointments.

Sharon & Linda take a professional approach that is respectful to all client's personal boundaries, traditions, cultures and belief systems. Any racial attitudes, verbal or physical abuse of any kind will not be tolerated. Any violation of these terms could result in treatments immediately being halted with no refund. This is to ensure a safe, nurturing space that supports all clients to heal, grow, share their deepest most sensitive thoughts.

Sharon & Linda are not psychiatrists, psychologists, or doctors and if personal issues require further supports, we would be happy to suggest some options, and further treatment may require verification that those supports are in place.

Sharon & Linda will not diagnose any medical issues or replace the advice/care of ANY Medical doctor, physician, psychiatrist, psychologist or any other care provider you (the client) is/are presently seeking.

Sharon & Linda will not be responsible for any injuries, sickness, illness or diseases before, during or after treatments.

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