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Hypnotherapy testimonials

"It’s always been a safe and comfortable environment working with Sharon whether it’s been a Hypnotherapy or Reiki session or Munay-ki group. As a practitioner of hypnotherapy, Sharon helps me to feel at ease with her gentle and caring nature. The relaxing guided meditations make it easy to let go/slip into a receptive state for optimal therapeutic value. Sharon is ready to adapt to find the best ways to work with clients and research ideas to enhance her practice. She strives to create an individualized experience, being considerate and thoughtful of techniques and in choosing affirmations that would best serve the client. I have found her insights to be valuable in working on healing layers of past trauma. The addition of using inner child work along with hypnotherapy for one of my sessions enhanced the therapeutic outcome. She is always encouraging me to dig deeper as I am willing or able to. I feel that this focused work has been beneficial in gaining clarity and understanding of certain triggers that I experience. The sessions have been helpful for starting to move forward where I had been feeling stuck. It feels like things are opening up a lot lately and I consider the sessions to have been a factor in this."

Jen Wawyn
Retired Registered Practical Nurse
Artist/Instructor ~ Creative Flow


“Whitethunder Empowerment Circles offer an in-depth experience of journeying with the self to unravel layers of who we think we are or are supposed to be with the intention of helping us connect to our true essence and to the Warrior within. Sharon offers an intimate, supportive and empowering environment for this exploration.  You will experience many teachings, sharing circles, guided meditations, candid conversations, and much more under the wise guidance and facilitation of a true Warrior.  The binder of materials and content  your receive is well organized and it has so much rich and thought provoking information.  Overall, this experience came to me at the perfect time.  After completing all levels, I feel affirmed and empowered, more connected to myself.  I am clear about how my struggles and suffering over the years have been a beautiful gift that have supported my spiritual growth and helped shape the person, the Warrior I am today.  If you are ready to let go of what no longer serves you and step into your personal power, sign up!”

Kathy Milla
Human Resources
Addictions Foundation of Manitoba


"My experience with Reiki and Sharon have been exceptional! 
To me, Reiki treatments were a way of letting go of energy that I couldn't identify myself, but were sticking to me, unseen. I explained it to my friends and clients as the equivalent of having someone dust sand off your butt that you didn't realize was there and feeling better about it being gone afterwards. Just on an energetic level.


Reiki and Sharon also helped me to let light in, and add to my healing and wellness. 


Sharon, with her distance Reiki and Energy work, also help keep me grounded, gave me strength and allowed me clarity while healing during Cancer and subsequent cancer treatments.


She is a great practitioner and a very special person in my life."
Sarah Hunter. RMT
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