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Viking Boat Sculpture

Nordic Nature Mobiles

Nature is a messenger, she speaks to us all the time if we are listening.  Driftwood journeyed through the challenges of time; they have gone through all the seasons in the harshest conditions. They may have come from miles down a river, lake, or ocean. Driftwood symbolizes the eternal relationship between wood, water, forest, and sea…and between life and death. 


Sitting in a forest our mental, emotional, and spiritual benefits are Immense.  Trees are nurtured by the sun, rain, streams, lakes, estuaries, oceans, and hundreds of other nutrients by decomposing organisms. When tree’s dies, they give back to the land where they grew and flourished. That in turn provides all living beings with sustenance to survive.  It has been studied recently how trees communicate as a community and if one is needing healing, they send what they need through the root system. 


When tree’s die, they begin to compost and help the eco system to flourish.  I think we have all picked up a stick from the ground during a walk.  Some go deeper into the meaning of a stick or a dead tree and see so many beautiful things in it. I have noticed how the worm wood makes such amazing designs in the wood…and the journey this small insect took through this branch, or driftwood. 


Norse Energy Mobiles were made from driftwood and mostly all natural hand made items.  Some of the hand made items were bought from other small businesses or individuals online.  Some where hand picked while on my meditative walks. Their purpose is to bring the energy you need into your space or home. 

They are spiritual cleared, imbued with Full Moon or New Moon energy, chanted and inscribed with runic, and/or bindrune symbols. The web of life is weaved to ensure protection for dream or waking state and also for connection to our ancestors. Feathers represent air, the symbols are wood burned to represent fire, crystals and wood represent earth, shells represent water.  The intention is to ensure you are supported and guided in your life and in your home.

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Dream Weaver Norse Mobile
Nature Energy Mobile - Group 1 - 2 of 4
Nature Energy Mobile - Group 1.- 4 of 4
Nature Energy Mobile - Group 2 - 1 of 2
W.O.D.E.N. Ruin symbols include:

Wujo: Pronounced § Woon-yo


Joy, Comfort, Pleasure, Fellowship, Harmony, Prosperity, Ecstasy, Glory, Peacefulness, Spiritual Reward.


Othila: Pronounced § Owe-tha-la


Ancestral Inheritance, Ancestral Home, What is truly important to one, Group Order, Group Prosperity, Land of Birth, Spiritual Heritage, Experience & Fundamental values, Aid in Spiritual & Physical Journeys, Source of Safety, Increase & Abundance


Dagaz: Pronounced § Dah-gaz


Breakthrough, Dawn of a New Day, Awakening, Awareness, Daylight Clarity, The Power of Change Directed by Your Own Will, Transformation, Hope/Happiness, The Ideal, Security & Certainty, Growth & Release, Balance Point, The Place Night Ends & Day Begins or Point Where Opposites Meet


Eiwaz: Pronunciation: Ay-wahz


Source of Life or Source of Strength, Reliability, Dependability, Trustworthiness: The World Tree of Yggdrasil or the Tree of Life, Enlightenment, Endurance, Defense, Protection, The Driving Force to Acquire, Providing Motivation & Sense of Purpose


Nauthiz: Pronunciation: Now-these


Strength, Innovation, Need of Fire, Need for Self-Reliance, Transformation, The Power of Will to Overcome Distress, confusion, conflict: Endurance, Survival, Determination, A time to Exercise Patience, Recognition of One’s Fate, Major Self-Initiated Change

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