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Enchanted Crafts & Whitethunder Photography offers a unique way to enhance the energy of your home or workspace. Our products are imbued with magical energy to help you create the atmosphere you desire. Explore our collection and transform your space today.

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Protective Energy Necklaces

* Protective Talisman
* Helps ward off Paranormal Entities
* Iron Pendant
* Designed Directions Spirit to Matter, Matter to Spirit
* Crystals
* Intention Setting & Charmed


Nature Energy Mobiles

* Ancient Nordic symbols
* Crystals
* Feathers
* Beads
* Intention & Energy
* Moon & Sun
* Good Energy for Home & Space


Valhalla & Witches Ladders

* Protection for you & your home
* Creative Custom Intentions
* Charms & Spell Casting
* Connection to Higher Power
* Custom Made
* Crystals
* Feathers


Whitethunder Photography

* Inspired During Meditative Walks
* Nature & Animal Messages
* Imbued With Calm, Relaxation, Balance & Grounding
* Connection to Nature Spirits

Photo's require full payment including shipping.  Photo's may not be able to be enlarged. 

All orders must be paid in full before shipping

Any commission work will require a non refundable payment for the full amount before work will begins.  This is not just art, energy work is part of the creation with powerful intentions.  Please see the story of their Creation & Process

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