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Sacred Connection With Elementals& Nature Spirits

Experience a transformative journey with our Sacred Walk with Elementals & Nature Spirits. Bond with nature's energies for soul healing and rejuvenation.

Immerse yourself in the beautiful vibration of nature and let the sights, sounds, smells, and textures, awaken your spirit and connects you the world around you.

Join us for an unforgettable experience.


BearFoot Bliss™ was created while I was sitting in a meadow meditating and connecting to nature.  I was going through some life challenges and I needed a place to just be.  I walked into a meadow and sat on a fallen tree. There was bush and tall grass around me and I began to listen to the sounds around me.  I slowed my breath taking in the fresh smell of the trees, grass and forest.  I began to immerse myself in the sound of the birds, ravens, the wind in the grass and leaves.  I could feel the cool breeze on my face and how it changed from warm to cool. I could sense a sweet taste in my mouth.  I felt the earths energy and vibration connecting to me like a gentle hand holding me. 

As I slowly opened my eyes, not more than 4 feet away was a young deer, about 6 months old, standing in front of me staring at me.  The connection was gentle, safe, peaceful and deep, it felt like I was in a Fairy Forest described only in books and in movies. It felt like I had moved into a different dimension, a dimension that was enhanced into a dream land and where nature cradled my whole being.


Sitting meditations is not the best method for some to achieve a quite mind. Sensitives, Empaths or anyone who can't seem to release stress and quiet the mind can feel too overwhelmed to sit and meditate.  BearFoot Bliss™ allows time and space to integrate into nature.  What begins as simply taking a walk becomes a sacred ceremonial connection that only you and nature shares.  It allows us a place to release overwhelming energy, to ground and connect to nature naturally.

Our sixth sense is about seeing things beyond this world.  It sounds like a stretch of the imagination, yet it is our imagination that opens and begins this gift.  Everyone can connect to nature this way it just takes practice, an open heart and a desire to remove our ego from the "big picture."  When we explore using all of our senses it engages our mind in a number of ways.  As you learn the methods of BearFoot Bliss, you will learn ways of understanding the messages that nature brings to us. Everything that lives guides us and speaks to us.

BearFoot Bliss™ teaches you how to connect, be reflective in your walk with nature to see her in unique and profound ways.  It teaches you to listen & discern using all of your senses especially your sixth sense which is your innate ability to sense beyond the physical world. This Shamanic method is a unique blend of nature meditations that helps brings your focus into a new awareness which nature offers us every day.

We all face many challenges in the world  learning to de-stress, let go, relax, and find deeper connect is very beneficial.  It teaches you to bring all of your attention into one moment. This walking meditation can help you discover better coping methods, to retrain the mind to focus in a more clearer and positive way.


I use a hypnotic form of speaking to guiding you to from the beginning to the end of BearFoot Bliss™.  During this whole experienced the participants are quiet so it does not disturb the focus of others in the group. Once grounded and in a state of relaxation, you will be guided to the use all of your senses to connect to the spirit of nature or Nature Spirits.

  • We begin with a 10-15 minute guided hypnotic meditation and use breathing techniques, clear our  energies, center, ground & balance  - This relaxes the conscious and subconscious so you are open to the experience and connection.  

  • I briefly connect you to all of your senses while we are in nature using deep breaths 

  • We work with one sensory experience at a time with this nature connection

  • You begin to learn how to connect, in a unique way, to a sound, touch, smell, sight, taste and eventually with your sixth sense

  • The sixth sense is a gradual teaching, done in a safe and knowledgeable way. 

  • Regular BearFoot Bliss™ Sacred connection can also begin your connection to nature by channeling your own innate gifts.  When you activate and become comfortable with your abilities, I guide you with the knowledge and care so you can use this gift or gifts in a beneficial way.



BearFoot Bliss™ is a 75 minute guided meditation to connect and walk with nature on a deeper level.  This unique blend of sensing & connecting brings your focus into a new awareness.


While in nature you are taught how to connect to nature energies.  You learn to see and feel the energy of nature in a much deeper more profound way.  Each time you participate you enhance your ability to really take in the beauty of nature in a spiritual way.

BearFoot Bliss™ helps you to recognize your senses and how it interacts and relates to nature. It is a Shamanic method that communicates and bonds with nature spirits without words and focuses on the heart connection.  Once we understand the messages that nature sends us we are able to discerns messages that helps to guide us on our life journey. 

When we connect to our senses we gain deeper understanding of the energy that surrounds us on a daily basis. This Sacred Walk helps you to understand your important place in the world.  This Sacred Walk offers a space for you to nurture yourself and support you with your life journey.


Clinical studies have shown that just 2 hours of nature sounds a day can reduce stress hormones up to 800%. More importantly it activates 500 to 600 DNA segments known to be responsible for healing and repairing the body.  


Learning this meditative walk in nature may increase white blood cells which assists our immune system to fight off disease and illnesses.  Even if you do not live near a forest or in the country studies have shown that looking outside a window at home or at the office reduces muscle tension and blood pressure.



~ Lowers Blood Pressure

~ Release Stress

~ Assist with Depression

~ Increases Immune system (white blood cells)

~ Reduce Chronic Pain

~ Normalizes Bodies Biological Rhythms

~ Improves Sleep

~ Feel Peaceful within and around you

~ Reconnect to personal life

~ Better Clarity

~ Tools for Relaxation

~ Deeper Understand and Connect to Nature

~ Respect for Nature and For Self


                               And more....


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Personal Sessions $60.

Groups of 10 (minimun) -  6 Sessions - $15. per person

Groups under 10 - 6 Sessions - $20. per person

Copywrite © 2012 All rights reserved Sharon Baldock

All rights reserved. No part of this modality may be reproduced, distributed, or transmitted in any form or by any means, including copy & paste, photocopying, recording or other electronic or mechanical methods without prior written permission of the creator, owner (Sacred Source Medicine) and publisher Sharon Whitethunder Baldock.

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