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Shamanic methods can have an array of methods, teachings and traditions.  After almost 20 years on this journey of working with and offering healing energy I blend what resonates with my healing methods.  I began with Reiki 14 years ago, was initiated into Munay Ki (Peruvian Shamanic Methods), and found my path with Pagan ways. I have been working with symbology for over 15 years and began working with Ruin symbols 5 years ago. My newest venture  is  "Seidr" which in Icelandic is known as magic or"Völva" is known as a seer.  These Scandinavian healers are similar to Shamanism.  I recently learned that I have a lineage of Scandinavian ancestors that come from a king in the early hundreds. I have imbue Ruin and Bindrune magic in my Enchanted Crafts. I have been forming new ways to embody that same healing into my Shamanic Healing.


During my time as a healer I have also learned from my own healing. We continue with healing work throughout our life because life always evolves.  I am a "sensitive" or empath, it is my belief that being a sensitive has a wider and more inclusive range of what an empath is because there are many types.


Healing is a co-creative process that requires your participation in  achieving the outcome.  This could mean something as simple as your body and minds willingness to release what no longer serves you.  Or, it could mean active mental and physical work throughout daily life with Shamanic healing.  We work at what your ready to approach in the time we are given.

Shamanic sessions involve knowledge, wisdom, experience and ability.  Life Skills coaching, sharing, guiding and teaching are also a part of the sessions.  Shamanic Healing may include Norse Shamanic methods, Vibrational Healing, Reiki Mastery Healing, Munay Ki, and other energy healing.

Sessions can be 50 - 75 minutes

Below offers more explanation with the Services offered

Viking Boat Sculpture

Norse Healing Magic comes from Scandinavian traditions known as Seidr or Volva.  A Völva was a woman in the Viking age who practiced magic, known as Seidr (in old Norse seiðr), the word Seidr literally means ”to bind”. A Völva often had a very special role within the society and would often have close ties with the leaders of her clan. You could call a Völva/Vǫlva a spiritual leader or healer in the Nordic society. A man could also practice Seidr, and he would be known as a Seer, but that was very rare.

A Völva wore colorful dresses, which as I said before would probably have been the same for both male and females. She would also wear gloves and a hat made from cat fur, and have a beautiful decorated staff or wand. The staff or wand was an important accessory in the carrying out Seidr.

The staff was very important to the Völva, her staff was actually so important to her that the word Völva probably means staff or wand carrier. The magic (Seidr/Seiðr) of the Völva was both feared and hated by the Church, in fact, the Church banned the use of staffs and wands, the use of magic and the heathen altars. The practice of heathendom or the use of magic was punished by death, and the Church would show no mercy to anyone who got caught.

The people were afraid of a Völva because she possessed a lot of power and the knowledge of magic. The practice of magic involved moving back and forth between dimensions/realms.  I would be considered a "Seer" because I receive information or a feeling sometimes hours, days, or weeks before the information is known by the general public.  As I work through your energies I can get pictures, words, thoughts and feelings while aligning your body & mind.  Symbols, Runes & Bind Runes may be used during our sessions which bring in what you require.

The co-creative work is your commitment to your healing journey and willingness to allow the healing energy to help balance you.  It helps to shed the energies you no longer require and become more of who you are meant to be.

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