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Sharon Whitethunder

Sharon began her journey working with Healing Energy & Intuitive healing 18 years ago.  Her natural abilities to calm, counsel, comfort and connect to people have been with her since she was a child.  Her spirit name is "Wondering Silver Wolf" and was bestowed upon her in ceremony  by a well know Dene Pipe Carrier. 

Sharon is an EarthKeeper, Reiki Master, and Empowerment Coach that imbues and combines healing energies from Peru/Inka,  Pagan, Druid, Buddhist  and most recently Norse Shamanism..  She is a certified life skills coach and a group facilitator and has facilitated groups for 28 years.  She was a Youth worker and worked with fourth-generation gang members, addictions, abuse, trauma, and worked in Indigenous girls group homes.

Reiki opened her world of working with energy in 2003, becoming a Reiki Master in 2010 where her knowledge and ability grew rapidly.  Her healing experience and knowledge has transformed into Norse Shamanic methods.

Sharon became an earth keeper in 2008 trained by two Mesa Carriers in traditional Munay Ki Rites, Fire Ceremony & Anyi Despacho.  These are Shamanic traditions from the Lakia, ancestors of the Inca from Peru. 

Each day is a practice and a promise to do and be the best she can be for others but it also means understanding that we are life and healing from it is continual.  Everyone evolves and everyone heals. 

Sharon was invited to speak on her creation  "BearFoot Bliss™" ~ Sacred Walk with Elementals & Nature Spirits, for 40 teachers at the University of Winnipeg.  She has done public speaking on subjects that include, racism, stereotypes, disabilities, empowerment, meditation, Reiki, understanding energy, women’s issues and much more.  She is passionate about empowerment and sharing her knowledge to assist people in letting go of old ways and teachings that no longer serve one’s life.   
She works hard to create powerful methods and workshops that resonate with each person.  Above all, Sharon is like everyone else, she is real, authentic and holds integrity as her highest value.  Her description of herself is "I am what I need to be...when I need to be it.  She is here to be of service…we are all…walking each other home.

Sharon participates positive activism with responsible expression and energy.  She was invited to join in a hip hop song to express our unity to protecting the water, the Earth and all living things.  The song she sang was a water song  called "Nichi Ti Ti"...It is sung to grow the fire and the seeds of the rites you receive, which nourishes the initiation of rights of Munay Ki,  Her participation in this song was to grow the seeds of truth and to heal Mother Earth


Jen Wawyn

Retired Registered Practical Nurse Artist/Instructor ~ Creative Flow

"It’s always been a safe and comfortable environment working with Sharon whether it’s been a Hypnotherapy or Reiki session or Munay-ki group. As a practitioner of hypnotherapy, Sharon helps me to feel at ease with her gentle and caring nature. The relaxing guided meditations make it easy to let go/slip into a receptive state for optimal therapeutic value. Sharon is ready to adapt to find the best ways to work with clients and research ideas to enhance her practice. She strives to create an individualized experience, being considerate and thoughtful of techniques and in choosing affirmations that would best serve the client. I have found her insights to be valuable in working on healing layers of past trauma. The addition of using inner child work along with the hypnotherapy for one of my sessions enhanced the therapeutic outcome. She is always encouraging me to dig deeper as I am willing or able to. I feel that this focussed work has been beneficial in gaining clarity and understanding of certain triggers that I experience. The sessions have been helpful for starting to move forward where I had been feeling stuck. It feels like things are opening up a lot lately and I consider the sessions to have been a factor in this."

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