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Enchanted Crafts™ ~ Sacred Source Medicine™

Updated: Apr 21, 2023

Sacred Art & Craft - Creating Enchanted Crafts with Divination & Setting Intention

My mission is to guide you through the challenges and difficulties where life has prevented you from achieving your life purpose. My intention is to aid the removal of obstacles that prevent you from living your own truth and allows your heart to speak. I hold a co-creative space that is waiting just for you to nurture, grow and live your purpose with strength and courage. We utilize hypnotherapy and holistic methods that support your unique healing process mentally, emotionally, physically, and spiritually.

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I have been practicing magic, divination and ceremony for over 20 years. I love adding knowledge to my resources so I continually learn & grow. I began my journey in the healing arts with Reiki as a practitioner and taught Reiki for many years. A few years after working with Reiki. I was drawn to, Fire Ceremony & Anyi Despacho, a Peruvian Ceremony taught by Mesa Carriers (Shaman) who went to Peru for their initiations. As time went by I became immersed in Pagan ways, druid/Celtic traditions, Rune symbols and divination, Seider (Viking Shaman). I created "Bearfoot Bliss ~ Sacred Connection to Elementals and Nature Spirits™.

I am a Hypnotherapist that works with shamanic ways. I guide people through Hypnojourneying ~ a Transcendental Mind State guiding you to the upper, middle and lower worlds. It sounds complicated but its not, it is simply a state between "almost" falling asleep and dreaming. Hypnotic states relax the conscious part of the brain so your superconscious can travel and stay in this realm. I also created "DreamCast Journeying ~ Guiding you in dream state to achieve safe methods in dream world and to also help with nightmares or troubling dreams.

I began creating Enchanted Crafts about 4 years ago and loved the aspect of putting intentional energy into each piece to offer what that space or that person requires. It's a great way of "getting out of the way" and allowing people to be drawn to one of my crafts naturally.

Creating Sacred Enchanted Crafts

When we begin creating our food we wash our hands, pull together ingredients and add flavour. So when I am creating crafts and using divination I want to follow a similar protocol. I do wash my hands but I smudge and clear myself, the space and all the tools I will be using. I meditate and ask that I be a hollow bone to allow the right energy and items be included in the craft. I also do a call in into the space to ensure the purest of intent is used during the creation of the craft. I ask the the right person intended be brought to the divinated craft so it can help them along their journey. I am mesmerized and channeled by spirit and inspiring music, usually drum or other forms to keep me in this space.

When I begin to wood burn symbols or etch into the sacred drift wood, I chant the name of the symbol and its intent so it is infused into the symbol. Once the Enchanted Craft is done it is set out under the sun and moon to ask for their blessing with a small pinch of tobacco and prayer.

This is why we are adamant about people not touching any of the Enchanted Crafts when we are at a venue. Each Craft has been set with intentional energy for one specific person. When we touch anything or anyone it is an automatic energy transference. It is subtle but can be very powerful without knowing it, the same happens when you touch one of the Enchanted Crafts and it interferes with the energy of that craft. It also creates confusion with the energy and the person it is intended for. We walk around in a daily routine at work, shopping and pick up on subtle energy that we carry with us. This is why its so important for us to clear and recharge when we come home.

Anyone can try to do this but it won't be the same. Each of us has our own vibration and unique connection to "Source", Gods and Goddesses, Ancestors and helpers. I am in the process of Trademarking and Copywriting ALL of my business. It is an unfortunate factor that is necessary for any business nowadays.

Enchanted Craft Care & Discharge

I'm sure some will know how the Enchanted Craft work for you best in your own space. But I do suggest you find a place that is inside because drift wood is already in a process of decay. I also recommend placing in a sunny area, maybe by a door way, so it can be naturally cleared and charged regularly. If you can't find a place like that then please make sure you smudge them or maybe lay them out in the moonlight twice a month. Also giving thanks and gratitude for what the Enchanted Craft does for you, it is a good way of being mindful of the energy that is being made available to you and your space

I put beeswax on all of the items to ensure they last as long as possible but there will come a time when they are ready to be released. Everything has its time in the sun...we have to recognize change is a naturally process so we don't get attached to things

I recommend you take off the items you feel you would like to keep and place the rest in a fire and give thanks to what it gave you in your space and in your life. This is a great lesson in impermanence and letting go. Then create your own ceremonial fire with the intent of gratitude and opening to new teachings. You could also bring it to other fire ceremonies and burn it there.

Upcoming Events

I will be hosting a table at a Venue on an acreage out by Asquith Saskatchewan, June 24th & 25th located 25 km west of Saskatoon off highway 14. (more information to come) I will be giving two talks at this venue. The first talk on Saturday will be a bit about who I am, what I do, services, Enchanted Crafts and a free hypnotic stress release. In the evening I will be offering a Munay Ki Ceremony in the evening, donations a gratefully appreciated. Sunday Morning I will take people on a BearFoot Bliss ~ Sacred Connection to Elementals and Nature Spirits™ walk. You will need to register and make payments on Saturday. The second talk will be on the two upcoming workshops Shining Ones, Self Care. Protection & Enhancements and Whitethunder Healing & Empowerment Circle. I will offer a free guided meditation to those who have been present for the whole talk.

  • Bearfoot Bliss ~ Sacred Connection to Elementals and Nature Spirits™

"Starting in June & July"

  • Munay Ki Rites, Anyi Despacho & Fire Ceremony

* Healing Ancestral Lineage (second group of 2023)

"Starting July 8th"

  • Shining Ones ~ Self Care, Protection & Enhancement ~ Understanding who you are

"Staring in July"

  • Whitethunder Healing & Empowerment Circle

"Starting September"

Visit Sacred Source Medicine's website in the coming weeks for updated information on upcoming events.

You can contact me at


639 - 480 - 8802

All rights reserved. Sacred Source Medicine Trademarked & Services Copywrite 2008

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