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Wisdom Wednesday

Holistic Healers come in all shapes and sizes, different walks of life, different influences, and belief systems. As I have mentioned in previous blogs, I do not subscribe the any of them. I bring in part of each belief and apply them when they are needed. This is why its so important when people come to my workshops that they respect each person. This means just being in the moment and letting go of what we have been taught. Sometimes my beliefs are fluent, them move, change and grow...because that is what we are all supposed to do.

I am a peaceful activists using my words, ideas and thoughts to stir the stick so to speak. I believe this is a time we can no longer afford to sit on the side lines and watch everyone else do the "work". Work doesn't mean you have to physically go out and stand on a corner and yell at the top or your lungs. Change/work begins inside us all and that vibration ripples out to the world. We must question everything but it does not mean standing toe to toe with anyone to argue your point, especially if they hold them firmly.

My posts have angered people because of my views and because I choose not to debate, they refer to me as a coward. I am willing to "discuss" in a respectful "dialogue". I can match the energy of the intent of someone's anger if I choose to. When it becomes a debate I end it because I already know what they are going to say when personal insults are the only weapon they have left. It does not matter their degree or their intelligence, once they have past the point of insults and anger it is not longer a is all ego, arrogance and ignorance.

Speaking your truth will break away a lot of faucets of your life but it does get easier. Those that show their true colours will display it not just to you but to everyone. You, "WE" have listeners they align with us on our path...and the crowd is growing...everyday.

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