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Wise Words ~ Roads to Intelligence

When you think about intelligence do you immediately think about academic ? Have you ever said or heard someone say "education is important "...and it is to some extent. I have gone to college, taken university courses and classes that were very interesting. Its good to learn new things however, in academia the criteria is set to give you certain information in order for you to pass classes and graduate. There are some very good advantages ...and disadvantages.

There are many roads of intelligence that do not require a bachelor or masters to know about things. Emotional Smart, Street Smart, Naturalist Smart, Musical Smart, Interpersonal or Intra-personal Smart, Word Smart etc. are all forms of intelligence. All of them fall under one method of how we attain knowledge and that is called "Critical Thinking." It is also important to realize that even with educational intelligence it needs to be accompanied by emotional intelligence or interpersonal intelligence. At different times we move in and out of different forms of intelligence hopefully using critical thinking...and above all to do your own innate discernment. you ? If it harms or hurts someone else...then that is not intelligence.

We are so bombarded by information we can get caught up on an information train and never know the difference between our own innate intelligence from what we are being fed. It doesn't matter if it comes from a friend, professor or any level of degree, we all have one thing in common...we are human. Thus the saying "human error." In the past couple of years we have been stuck in a vacuum of information that has been dictated to us...literally. While some may think its awakening and bringing people together on the other hand, it is separating those on the side of good.

What is fact ...What is fiction...and did the person get the information from one expert or a number of experts. Everyone has the right to their "opinion" but that does not make it makes it a rumour. So lets use more than one form of intelligence ...lets take time to really discern, ask questions and use our own innate intelligence. Talk to someone directly who has experienced or experience from a real personal perspective. It doesn't have to be an expert or someone with a needs to be an exchange from one heart to another.

Lets stop living vicariously through the media highway of information...lets connect...lets discuss with respectful dialogue and really allow our innate intelligence to grow.

Sharon Whitethunder Baldock

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