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Ceremonies And Energy Exchange.

As a small business we have costs that we incur for space rental, gas money, items for offerings, time that we spend organizing and creating...but most of all the time that we work to prepare events and gatherings.

There was a time that Indigenous tribes brought everything that a medicine man or woman needed. They we brought food, gave them shelter or maybe a horse to help them travel etc. This was the exchange that took place before money and unless you are self sustainable no one in the Twenty First Century can survive offering things for free.

In other Indigenous cultures they take care of their elders by have them live with the whole family. Today, unless you have a really good pension, the care homes are a far cry from family care. This is not to make anyone feel guilty about having to make the difficult choice of having their parents live in a care home. The point is none of this is free.

Today First Nations ceremonies "raise money" to pay for expenses like food, wood for fire, gas to bring in teepee's, and other items for ceremony. Religions pass the money plate around to collect donation from the congregation to pay for the upkeep of the building they worship in and expenses for the pastor, priest or reverend.

Every spiritual ceremony has a cost and we do not have a family to take us in when we get older, we do not have people bringing us food or paying for our shelter. The point is spiritual ceremonies are not like they were 40, 50 or even 100 years ago. It is important to understand why ceremonies, events and gatherings are not free...and they shouldn't be. Everything is energy including money and it provides for me and my family.

However, intention is the utmost important factor if someone holds ceremony. In truth, you are not paying for the ceremony you are paying for the items, my time, gas, offerings, 20 years of my experience...and a safe place to heal. When I prepare things for ceremony all my energy and intentions go into the offerings and the preparing prior to ceremony. I hold everything you need mentally, emotionally, physically and spiritually for your healing time. The work you do to heal is up to you.

Munay Ki Ceremony has been given permission from the Q'ero elders to hold ceremony regardless of you culture and you do not have to be from Peru to offer them. I do not ask for money for the ceremony or rites, I ask for money to cover my expenses, the offerings, my time and my 20 years of experience that I bring each time I hold ceremony. The energy you receive in return is filled with love and power from the ancestors and teachings.


1. Munay Ki Rites, Fire Ceremony & Anyi Despacho

Starting April 15th

Registration and Payment due Friday, April 7th

See website for details

2. Outdoor Arts & Crafts

A. We will be at this event and holding Munay Ki Fire Ceremoney Saturday evening

June 24th - On the acreage

B. Also, BearFoot Bliss™ "Connecting to Sacred Elements & Nature Spirits"©

On the acreage or at a lake 5 minutes from the event

Located 25 km. West of Saskatoon

More details will be announced in the upcoming months

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