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Dream Casting Journeying & BearFoot Bliss

Sacred Source Medicine will be in attendance. Munay Ki Ceremony will be held June 24th, Saturday evening at 7:00. You must sign in or notify me prior to attend. Space is limited to 10 people. Donations are accepted

Sharon Whitethunder Baldock will be giving a talk on two newly created Dream Cast Journeying and BearFoot Bliss. Both Services are Trademarked and copywrite.


"Dreams are illustrations from the book of your soul's writings about you" ~ Marsha Norman

Our dreams can be some of the most fascinating, intriguing, sometimes confusing, scary, weird, foretelling and most complex messages. Dreams are the subconscious's way of revealing our inner most thoughts, feelings and experiences.

Psychology's interpretation of dreams can mean many things and their interpretation can be somewhat right depending on your belief system. For those who work on the spiritual side dreams can take on a whole different meaning. Both sides of information can be helpful. The important thing is being able to discern what fits and knowing how your intuition is guiding you. I always ask my clients what they felt when experiencing the dream so we can let go of ego and allow our intuition to guide us. You can wield the power of your dreams by learning methods and tools to navigate your dream worlds. In the waking world it can have direct results as to what we desire in our life.

The dream world is a very mystical place that we can experience on many levels. We daydream, dream our world into being, reach deep levels in meditative trance to receive messages and to gain access to other dimensions. Dreams can be powerful, prophetic, vivid, strange, stressful, erotic, scary and confusing.

Dreams can also take on a very scary part of our subconscious. Nightmares don't just affect us during dream time but also in our waking life. Fear from dreams make it difficult to function in our waking life, with relationships, work, or just being in public. In some cases anxiety and panic can affect our life making normal tasks very challenging. Maybe your family doesn't understand the depth of how adversely the nightmares have affect you. It makes one feel crazy or an outcast. I know this from personal experience from nightmares I had as a child. During that era no one understood gifted children or the meaning behind dreams.

In some cases dreams can be very prophetic and nightmares can be a part of that. When clients come to me with questions around their dreams we work co-creatively. I can guide you to answers that feel right to you and help you find tools to help you create intention and space before you sleep.

BEARFOOT BLISS ~ Sacred Walk with Elementals & Nature Spirits ™©

This mindful Connection is really good for Empaths, Sensitives, Highly Sensitive People or people who find it difficult to release stress. Connecting to nature brings us "home" again, helps us to feel connected, brings us peace and feel loved.

BearFoot Bliss™ teaches you how to connect, be reflective in your walk with nature to see her in unique and profound ways. It teaches you to listen & discern using all of your senses especially your sixth sense which is your innate ability to sense beyond the physical world.

This Shamanic method is a unique blend of nature meditations that helps brings your focus into a new awareness which nature offers us every day.

I will be speaking at the upcoming venue about Dream Cast Journeying

BearFoot Bliss is a 45 minute guided meditation to connect and walk with nature on a deeper level. This unique blend of sensing & connecting brings your focus into a new awareness.

BearFoot Bliss walking meditation brings you into focus, to calm your mind and connect to natures energies

While in nature you are taught how energy works. You learn to see and feel the energy of nature in a much more profound way. Each time you participate you enhance your ability to really take in the beauty of nature in a spiritual way.

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