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"Exploring the Power of Nature: Connect with the Spiritual Essence of the Natural World"

There are many distractions in the world today that can not only knock us off balance...but keep us out of balance. The effects of being not being grounded can go unnoticed and we can become vulnerable to the world around us. We basically lose sight of ourselves and our life becomes unrecognizable. The person we were before may have become a dark place filled with confusion. We wonder how life got so unmanageable, so busy and we spend out time feeling as though the only thing we do is to try catch up to the events in our life.

Our life was not meant to be on a fast track and being imbalanced. We cannot make good decisions and listen to our intuition if we can't get a footing in our life.

Here are some symptoms of being ungrounded.

  • Being clumsy, dropping things or bumping into things

  • Having “one of those days” when five crazy things happen even before you get out the door

  • Having difficulty concentrating, reading or following a conversation, TV show or movie

  • Having to do the same thing over and over again because you’re just not getting it done right or being super-busy but not getting anything accomplished

  • Feeling out of place, easily offended, or spaced-out

  • Misplacing or losing things

  • Missing appointments

If you have at least three of the above “symptoms” going on, you could be either not grounded or you’re headed that way. The challenge is how to recognize when your not grounded during chaotic times.

The biggest indication of not being grounded is the feeling that you are not "yourself", "this is NOT me", or "this is not my life."

BearFoot Bliss ™©  ~ Sacred Connections With Elementals & Nature Spirits is an evolving grounding technique that teaches you how to center, balance & ground. It is an individual experience that cultivates your own unique vibration that connects you to natures healing energies. I guide you along this profound nature connection and so you feel safe, nurtured, relaxed, peaceful and confident.

This deep nature meditation encourages and fosters balance to ensure it influences every aspect of your life. You are guided to connect and feel nature using all of your senses. Once you feel nature's connection we begin developing our senses to help you bond with the spiritual essence and vibration. This meditative practice is easy, compassionate, supportive but most importantly effective in helping you regain balance and well-being.

I spend an hour and a half guiding facilitating your experience. It can be done long distance in a quiet space in nature that you connect to as long as you are undisturbed. You can create your own group or you can ask for an individual session.  See group prices in UPCOMING EVENTS or you can ask for an individual session.

See UPCOMING EVENTS for in person dates and times. See BearFoot Bliss™© for more information.

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