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Feeling Friday

Its Friday ! We sure do like our Fridays. For those who work on the weekend here is wishing you find a time that makes you feel like its Friday ! So how am I feeling today ? How are you feeling today ? I am not as up as I was yesterday, I am in a good place but not like yesterday.

We don't watch TV, we stream from the computer and when I do up pops the news of the day. I make it a rule to never read the news but I thought "lets see whats happening." I read the first paragraph and then stopped. I checked in with myself and could immediately start feeling shaky, sad, disappointed and quickly closed the article. I also saw many other "headlines" that were disheartening and then realized...why is the news trying to separate people, why are they writing about things that put people in fear ?

Then I remembered, they are handed a script like any other entertainment on TV, they want to sensationalize the story so people remain in fear...and sometimes misinform intentionally or not intentionally. So I took a moment, went within to my heart center, and let go of the concept this multi billion dollar industry was trying to have me fall into. I found peace in my heart knowing that regardless of who says what we are love...and when we love we see beyond our differences...sometimes we forgive.

I still love ALL my friends and family regardless of our differences. I think its time to shut off things that don't resonate with love...don't you ?

"Learn from yesterday, hope for tomorrow. The important thing is not to stop questioning."

Albert Einstein

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