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Healing Takes Time...& acknowlegement

It still amazes me how the guides (or your body) will tell you to slow down or they WILL slow you down if you don't listen. I am working another part time job along with trying to get my business up and running. In addition, we are looking at houses to buy in small rural areas in Saskatchewan.

Although my mind feels young and agile...apparently my body is not on the same page. I rolled my ankle and injured my foot 10 days ago and have been in and our of a support cast for the past 10 days. Unfortunately, this means I won't be attending the upcoming Arts, Crafts and Wellness venue June 24th.

As you will notice my crafts, services and workshops are Copywrite and Trademarked. This is a sign of the times unfortunately and we have to strike a balance between our healing journey and protecting our creative flow. Once we have our home ready to go I will be offering special discounts for any inconveniences.

I am learning as everyone else is in this life and as I get older the value being grounded before setting up workshops, venues or service specials. I have had health issues that are more stable than they have ever been in 7 years. I am also doing my own personal healing work, from loss, adoption, trauma's and ancestral lineages. Those lineages are not just from one family line...they are from two. I do feel much clearer than I have in a long time but now is a time for me to listen to my guidance, my body and mind. I stop and connect within so I am listening to the inner child and her needs.

"You cannot healing what you don't acknowledge"

~ Jack Canfield

I am healing from mother wounds from two mothers, biological and adoptive, as well as, other family members who traumatized me as a child. Before you go to the place that says "She did the best she could" saying this completely discounts the healing of the child that grew up with a mother that "did the best she could". The quote above speaks to the fact that denial, guilt and shaming represses healing. Jack Canfield is a well known, motivational speaker and author that wrote "Chicken Soup for The Soul". We have to remember that an adult is responsible before a child. A child is growing and learning...and adult is teaching, mentoring and guiding.

Without these staples a child can have great difficulties...but being adopted takes on a whole different dynamic. If we do not have the healthy parental guidance and unconditional love, then you have a lifetime of issues, dealing with anxiety, abandonment, anger, trust, and feeling safe in the world.

If there are siblings, each one of them will take on a different experience. I have seen other families with dysfunctional parents have a completely different experience growing up. I have also experienced guilt and shaming from others for not having a good relationship to my adoptive mother...and it once again blames the child and not the parent for their own emotional issues.

The amount of healing work that I have done has made it easier to be okay with, not being right, not doing it right without shame or guilt. I am doing better at not giving myself unrealistic expectations or needing to control everything in and around my life. This can be a balancing act because we need some form of control or grounding to create stability in our life. So we learn to control the things we can, like how others react to us etc.

Our healing journey takes commitment...not just time. We have put our feelings and trauma's aside all our life which means acknowledging the healing we need to do when its comes up. It means taking 5 minutes to just say. "I hear you. I see you" or validating yourself in the way you would if it is was your own child in front of you. "It must have been so hard to feel must have felt so alone." Along with acknowledgement comes affirmations or re-framing. "Everytime you feel alone or sad, I am here for you, Each time you feel defeated I am here for you and we will work together to make things better" It reassures that inner child and builds trust that that little child needed during a very difficult time in their young life...even though that child is an adult now.

As I have written in previous blogs, healing is more than emotions, its a layer of complex energy. Our well-being is effected on the emotional, mental, physical and spiritual levels. This means that negative things that we experience affects our whole being and for everything we do with our mental health, we also need to do energy work on the physical and spiritual levels. Seek energy healers, learn about our gifts and abilities because this effects how we survive and exist in the world.

We need to learn how to treat ourselves better, have alone time, recognize and reflect. That space in between how we think and what we think is huge in our healing. What I have learned is that time we give ourselves helps us to understand our worth....And we are all worth it.

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