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How does Healing Energy work? ~ Part 1

Updated: Feb 1, 2022

In my 16 years of working with healing energy I have found the best way to empower people on their healing journey is be teaching them how energy works. I have had a number of people make the statement "I tried Reiki once and it didn't work for me." The first thing I ask is "have you ever walked into a room or met a person where you get either a really good feeling or a really bad one?" Also "When you have gone to a doctor and needed medication, did you just take one of the pills because it seem to help ? And, can you see the effects or do you feel them ?

Energy is everywhere, it vibrates at different speeds & frequencies so we see different shapes, sizes of all the things we see. This is well known in science. If you take your hands and hold them in front of you and space them about 8 inches apart. Start patting it like you have a small ball between your hands...then close your eyes and continue to pat the invisible ball. Do you feel a resistance ? That, is energy.

When you have been around someone that is angry have you felt tired after, maybe even angry yourself ? What about after going through a stressful or traumatic event, do you get emotional, headaches or stomach aches ? This is how that works; you experience stress from seeing and being around it (external). This event effects your emotions with anger or crying etc. (emotional) Then your get headaches or stomach aches (physical) That experience affects your motivation, hopes, happiness etc (spiritual). This is how illness or dis-ease begins.

This is why energy healing is so important. It helps remove negative energy and it teaches the body how to respond in a healthier way. To help the mind, we learn tools to let go of negative thoughts & behaviours. For some that may take a few months, depending on how much unhealthy things you have experienced. When you receive an energy healing session, you will feel one or more of the following: cold, hot, emotional, tingling, pulsing, sleepy, thirsty, light headed ...just to name a few.

I take time with all of my clients to teach them to understand the energy moving through their body during treatment. I also do life coaching to give them tools to empower their healing process. It is not a one size fits all, the experience will be different, as will the length in time it takes to heal. The healing takes place on all levels including physical issues, there are hospitals in the U.S that are using Reiki before during and after surgery. It is important to understand, physical healing on more serious issues may take more than just energy healing...and very likely more than one modality or health regime.

So if you realize just how extensive energy is can you now see and understand why the world seems so chaotic ? The only way we will solve the differences in the world is with ONE energy....and that is through love.

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