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How does healing energy work ? Part 3

There are a number of considerations when looking for an energy healer or an energy modality. When we consider how everything around us vibrates at different speeds, different frequencies that creates "matter", each of us have our own unique living blueprint. Our experiences are different, our view on life is different. Even when you see how many Reiki practitioners there are we don't all approach energy healing the same way. Some of us have different belief systems when it comes to Reiki. But most importantly, our energy is different in how we connect to the healing energy.

Its not wrong or right...its just a part of our living blueprint. The other considerations with energy healers, because there are many variations of energy healers, is what does your intuition tell you about them ? Do you feel a connection, how long have they been doing energy work, what else to do they do in their healing business etc. It doesn't mean they can't help you but may need to consider if they are meant for you. Just because you have tried one practitioner and it didn't work for you doesn't mean the healing energy did not work, it means that maybe that wasn't the practitioner that vibrated with your own energy. They did nothing wrong, you did nothing wrong, you just need to find your own "fit".

If we think about crystals, they carry their own different vibrations. When you go to a crystal shop and look at all the beautiful crystals, you are drawn to specific ones. They had no more or lesser value than any other of the hundreds of other crystals but you were drawn to that one or types of crystals. Sometimes we feel the need to change crystals to find one for a specific need, this is also true for energy healers. This just means you have grown to a point that you need another healer or modality to work with.

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