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How does healing energy work ? ~ Part 2

In "How does healing energy work ? ~ Part 1", I talked about the different layers of healing, mentally, emotionally, physically and spiritually. To summarize, a external negative event affects us "mentally", we experience the feeling of that event "emotionally", our body displays symptoms "physically" resulting with headaches, stomach upset, exhaustion, shaking etc. If this negative layering continues for a period of time we begin to spiral, we lose hope, desire, nothing seems sacred, we get stuck and don't grow...this affects our "Spirituality."

So when we say that Reiki works on all levels, mentally, emotionally, physically, & spiritually, it helps to release the negative energy that gets stuck in parts of us on ANY of these layers. When you learn Reiki you are attuned to a universal life force energy that allows a practitioner to begin removing negative energy. When I say "begin", if you think of healing like a big onion each time you receive Reiki it helps remove the layer.

This does not necessarily mean you remove a layer at each treatment. There are many factors to consider when you begin energy healing. How long have you held the painful event ? Are you ready and willing to let go and do the work ? Are you willing to make changes in your life that are causing you to be in pain ?

Sometimes people who get through healing quickly were ready and willing to do the work. When I have a client that heals quickly they know the healing doesn't stop at energy healing. I integrate life skills coaching, sometimes hypnotherapy, along with self help tools to use and practice.

Our body knows how to heal, it does it naturally when we get a cut or bruise. What energy healing does is recall your body's memory to know what to do. It relaxes the body, mind and spirit so we can regroup or recall back our amazing healing ability. I hold a co-creative space for you to nurture, grow and live your purpose with strength and courage. I remind you that you are not alone, your are unique, your experiences are unique and above are loved.

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