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Journey Of Change

Remember that the only constant in life is change”

~ Buddha

Change is inevitable in our lives, sometimes without even realizing it…it happens. That is not to say that all change is good or bad, it is influenced by our decisions and intentions. Change has not been easy for me at times, I like my ducks in a row…and then one of those little fuckers runs off …lol. I try to keep that in mind when change happens and then it lessens my anxiety. It helps to find a lighter way of seeing things with these little ducks to remind me to be compassionate with myself and others. Remembering that change is a challenge especially when you are in the midst of chaos.

As a “sensitive” or empath bigger cities are too much for me, even when I do all the protection, grounding, clearing regularly. It is also about self-care/needs and being in a place that works well with your own vibration. Your vibe attracts your tribe…so do places that are meant for you.

We recently moved to a small town of a little over 200 people. We knew this was the right place/home/community for us because we manifested it. When we had the first viewing it felt warm and inviting but what finalized our decision to buy this home was the stenciled works above the living room. Live ….well, Laugh…often, Love…much.

The move was A LOT of work. We have made many moves in our 20 years, but this was the most challenging one for me. We packed, signed papers, had appointments with banks, lawyers and some self-care. We were fortunate enough to have friends help us with the move and the more heavier items. Everything went very quickly, and things fell into place with ease. This is another sign when things are meant to be when everything moves smoothly. My body, as smooth as things went, accumulated new and old injuries. I have been in a lot of pain…and I have been doing a lot of self-care. We were tired (are tired) and need a holiday from the move…lol

To explain a bit more of how we knew this was our home you need a bit more background. My dad delivered fuel to farmers in a small town and the name of the company when I knew it was “Shell”. Before Shell Oil, it was known as “White Rose”. Shell bought White Rose in 1962. I was told this story many times by dad and others.

For those who don’t know, my dad was my best friend, he accepted and loved me in a way that I knew I was safe and protected. I was with him most of the time when he made those deliveries to farmers, so it was a very special time sharing these moments with him. He had serious health issues with diabetes and passed away when I was 5 years old. My world completely imploded and changed forever. I didn’t have that safe place, acceptance, and unconditional love…I lost my protector and best friend. I have done a lot of healing regarding this.

In the past few months, he has been visiting me. It has been confirmed by several people I do self-care with. Coming back to the “confirmations” we received about this being our home. One of the days we had been unpacking, my partner was putting some things away in the garage. I was at the back door, and she came to the door with an old “10W30” motor oil can. On the can in had the name “White Rose” 10W30. My partner said, “ I think we are in the right place”, I said “dads here”…and then cried. There were a few different types of oils for different motors out there that were all new…There was just the one “White Rose” motor oil can out there.

Change can be a challenge even when things go smoothly or quickly. We can struggle with anxiety about the unknown and still get messages from our guides knowing everything will be okay. I did get many signs but the “busy” chaotic time moving took me for a ride and was not paying attention to the messages. This “White Rose” was a sign and a message to me that I can stop pushing, and slow down, so, I have. I am regrouping, doing a lot of self-care, taking some quiet moments, and doing some self-talk. I don’t need to rush, I can slow down, take breaks, and take time to see how far I have come.

Change doesn’t have to be a chaotic challenge; we don’t have to do everything and get it done today. Change is also about going inside, asking questions like why we need to feel we have to push ourselves to get things done. Let the inner child know that it’s okay to take time for you. What ever challenges you face change will take place, and it will bring you right were you need to be. We can let go of the outcome when our heart’s desires are stronger than our fears. Most importantly, when you least expect it, that all important message to confirm your desires will come to you

In October will be reopening Sacred Source Medicine. I will be traveling in the Watrous Saskatchewan area doing talks on being a sensitive and empath, what I do and upcoming workshops.

In late October/Early November, I will be offering long distance healing groups and workshops on weekends. In future, there will be small group retreats with ceremony. I hope to be traveling to other small towns in the area to offer my workshops and if you are close by you might want to attend. Make sure you are subscribed to my website or check for updates

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