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There are cultures all around the world that have used magic as a form of protection, luck, vision, prosperity, abundance, healing, weddings, birth, death and more. They placed symbology on different items, in caves, sticks, amulets, and tattoos etc. They held great power to ward off evil, enemies, to bring luck and abundance. The Egyptians made pyramids, ankhs for divine protection known as a key of life and is still a potent symbol today.  Pagan, Druids, witches, Aboriginal, Indigenous people all have their talismans, symbology that has been a practice for hundreds of years.  Christians also use the cross to symbolize their connect to their Divine higher power.


Paganism is an umbrella term for many forms of practices and magick.  Depending on how long an alchemist has been practicing magick can allow them to bring a variety of methods to empower their enchantment.  I started with Reiki, Reiki is Shamanism, it came from Tibetan Scrolls in Asia where the beginning of the use of the term “Shaman” began.  Today it is used widely but different cultures to describe the energy work they do. 

I became a Reiki Master, worked with clients, taught Reiki classes, and studied Reiki for over 17 years.  As I followed my path as a healer, I was guided to learn Druid, Witch, Indigenous, Peruvian, and today Norse energy methods. My healing methods have evolved as do all who walk this path.  We add things that have worked well and resonate with the methods we use.  Some work with people on an individual basis, some work with groups or audiences.  My focus is working in groups and audiences, relaying messages or “channeling” or teaching. I also became certified in Hypnosis and began to guide people on dimensional journeys with hypnosis which also involves past life regression. 


 The energy I have worked with for over 20 years has brought me to Runic Symbols and Norse Paganism.  I have been working with Rune symbols with my Enchanted Crafts for over 6 years. I am always guided intuitively of which runes to learn and use to place on each Craft. Some Shamans create magical items to use for energy purposes. Creating Shamanic items is one of the elements in Norse Shamanism or for those who become a "Seiðr." Seiðr’s are storytellers, channelors or seers to help guide people on their journey.


Each time I create a Norse Web of life it is channeled through me, guiding me to its general purpose, how it is to be, what it needs, the intentions, runic symbols or bindrune, feathers, bone, crystals, stones, feathers and sometimes seashells.  I use brass wire to create natural good, inner truth, clearing away old debris for energy to flow.  Feathers bring movement of air, wood, crystals, and stones are earth, water comes from seashells, and I wood burn the runic and bindrune symbols into the wood which represents fire. Some or all of the elements can be in each creation.


The web of life is spun into the center to clear conscious and subconscious thought forms that do not benefit you.  The web also creates a pure connection when we are in dream states to keep you safe and bring you back where you belong.  Dream states can also be when we are meditating or creating.  When we are centered and focused on a specific task, it is the same as meditation or dream state.  I do not refer to the Norse Mobiles as “dream catchers”, it does not resonate with me or connect with the ways of Norse Pagan. The Norse Mobiles also have a connection to Druid energy.

Crystals are usually placed at the center of the web to enhance what is needed or required in your space. I usually place shungite in the middle for protection, clearing and connection to the ancestors. The type of crystal placed in the web will depend on the guidance I receive.  They should be cleared regularly with smudge or incense. If you don’t use this type of clearing then make sure they are in a place where they can get sunlight, constellation, or moon energy. I also invoke, that if I did not include the right intentions for the holder, to allow the holder of the Shamanic Norse Web to set their own intentions.


All my creations and crafts are made with the purest intent.

I accept contracted commission pieces and will begin to make larger land installations of the Norse Web of Life pieces.  Contracted commission pieces require a deposit, and a consultation is included.  

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