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Sacred Path

Our journey is not made up of one road, one way, one chapter or book, it is made of many roads, many directions and many many volumes of books. The contents, experiences, lessons...the people, the places and the journey ALL add value...even with the ones we would never choose to have happen again. But then again...why would we choose to relive the same things ? New adventures or experiences help us to understand who we are and define who we are becoming...and we are always becoming.

We should consider if we want to continue to suffer in silence or just continue to suffer. I have found that when I facilitated workshops or groups when one person shared their thoughts and feelings that others in the group would have same or similar feelings. I get fed up with people placing conditions on what one should or should not do...or in order to "be" something you have to somehow live up to their perception of what you should be. Here's a thought...I don't care. So my response, is no response and people who place those kind of expectations and projections on anyone need to take a very long look in the mirror.

I don't want anyone to live up to my expectations and I certainly won't live up to someone else's. I WILL speak my truth and if that knocks a few off my path or my circle...I quite frankly don't give a rats my no response. I will not engage with condescension, we all have knowledge, we all have the right to speak and we all have the right to say no. If someone wants you to do something that you don't want to do then its manipulation and abuse....AND when you do stand up for yourself you will find a new wave of like minded people to replace the ones that may not have had your best interest in mind.

At our birth we were alone, naked, and at the beginning of life. We are all given spiritual sovereignty to choose to make our own choices without interference. We are given stewards to help us to grow, to nurture, fill out experiences until we are ready to take our own flight. After we are free, the choices you make are you own, they should be guided by your experiences and not the teachings of other matter who they were. You can ask questions and discern the lessons you have learned from the "stewards" of you life...but you should never choose because that's what they would have wanted you to do. Stewards should be the ones who held the gates to your own innate wisdom and they should allow you to make choices, right or wrong.

Make sure the choices that you make are your own...and not because of someone else's insecurities, fears or control...Live life belongs to you and no one else.

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