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Sacred Path ~ Healers & Expectations

Healers will do as much as they can to help people on their healing journey. Even the most experienced healers are like a filter for everything you come in with. This is why I have my clients talk during treatment....if they wish Its like writing your words on paper which is also a form of getting the words and feelings out so you don't hold them inside. Another important thing healers must remember to do is clear everything, the room, items used and especially themselves.

Healers are not perfect and no one should expect them to be. We did not become less human when we began this journey. Regardless of where we are personally it does not mean we cannot help you. It is a healers motto so to speak that we are here to serve no matter what we are going through. However, there is a threshold where we need to do self care or we will burn out. If it is a more serious health issue we may need to stop offering healing to others in order to recover.

What I find very ego minded is when other healers pigeon hole, criticize, condemn, and place conditions on what we are ...or aren't. There are so many different modalities, practitioners and belief systems that work with healing that don't just work with people, they heal the land, home, and spaces. It shows a complete lack of respect, it is not "truth" is "There" truth and what their practice/modality has taught them...nothing more. When they reach into other modalities and practitioners with their "opinion" they are opening themselves up for their own shortcomings.

The criticizer is very likely excellent at what they do but know nothing about other healing modalities...and in turn know nothing about other healers. They tend to over intellectualize, analyze, and feel they are balanced and capable to give reviews like an arm chair coach. They have done one or two modalities but have only done one most of their life...and again their are very likely excellent with what they do.

Observing others to learn for yourself is one of the greatest teachers of life but the moment we point a finger at anyone it becomes projection. Projection is when speak and feel our own shortcomings onto someone else. We criticize others for what we may think or feel is wrong about the other person. What can we do about this ? compassion, understanding, acceptance and love them even more. Its been a very tough time for many healers during the past two years...but it doesn't mean we have to put up with their abuse.

Come to my presentation about my services with Sacred Source Medicine at Veranda

Saturday, June 11th

1:00 p.m - 3:00 pm

2120 St. George Ave.

Free Entry

Free sample hypnosis

Free sample Indian Head Massage

Those in attendance will receive a free entry for a full Indian Head Massage

For more information on Sacred Source Medicine Services

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