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Sacred Path ~ Reading between the Lines & Messages

Since I was young I have had all sorts of people strangers come to me and tell me their life story. People would tell me things they have never told anyone before and I never wondered why. I learned of my gifts & abilities later in life and it involved being a sensitive. I have come to the conclusion that referring or identifying as an empath doesn't encompass all that I am able to do, and I feel "sensitive" opens the door to much more.

Our energy also plays a part of who we are and in the magically world we recognize each other by the energy more than how we identify. Recognizing types of energy is something else I have developed over the years and I know without knowing. It is a communication that some don't realize they do...but they do. I can hear a story from someone, not know who the person is and automatically know if someone is telling the truth. Words, thoughts and feelings are powerful and they leave an energetic trail that can be pick up on.

Sometimes people have a story to tell that needs to be heard, sometimes their need is so great they desperately try to gain your attention by flying their flag in front of you so you can see what they do. Either way they are wanting to be heard...and seen. Again we can read energy and I am not the only one that can do this but why do people assume that others can't ? We have to stop assuming people need to know things for their path or their healing. Its like giving the answers on a test before you know the question. Reminds me of a pushy sales person and that is not the way to approach me.

I think Mediums are fascinating and amazing. Their gifts are truly a benefit to many people's lives. I think its important to make sure you find them and they do not seek you out unless you know them or they strongly feel you need to hear a message. It is the same for any healing practitioner, the right person appears when you are ready and that is Divine timing. Otherwise it becomes no different than unsolicited advice.

Regardless of the healing method you use or the practitioner you use it won't hurt to take a step back and discern if its right for you. Sometimes a healer doesn't advertise, they are like a diamond in the rough but no less able or gifted. So take a moment or two so you can determine what you need before jumping off a cliff ...your being is worthy of great things.

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