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Sacred Saturday

There are a number of different prophecies from different Indigenous tribes throughout the world. They all have validity I just don't subscribe to one or that one size fits all approach. Now when you consider a prophecy that you connect to that's okay. Its what you came here to be a part of so there are no judgements. The one thing I won't do is do a bunch of research for the oral teachings that have been passed down. You have to find that connection and meaning in your heart and soul...not from intellect, not from analysis, not from scientific conclusion.

If we are truly watching and seeing how prophecies unfold we would remain open and embrace what's taking place. There will be some very difficult times I am absolutely not delusional about that, I know that at the end of it all, things will be better...better than we have ever known them to be. I keep talking about fear effecting our judgement and I know its true because when I had health issues fear was riding my every thought and feeling. Each time fearful thoughts would come I would counter them with positive thoughts and tools. Once I regained my health, I am grounded, centered, working with my gifts and abilities. I embrace the beauty of letting go, being peaceful, living and compassionate, but most importantly standing in my truth.

Truth is a very diverse thing. No one owns the truth so many can believe what they like, but how do we discern the truth ? We must question and use critical thinking. Instead of buying into what's being fed to you by outside sources, take time out, sit in a quiet place and start asking questions. The one thing I know is Truth is not what you say...its what you do. If the actions don't match the words spoken we must question. The most difficult part is letting go of what we have been told or taught to be true, is admitting it.

As healers we come from that same "diversity" and beliefs, none of us are wrong and ALL of us are human. I do not use one method, belief or try to have a client subscribe to my truth. It is not my place or anyone's to influence someone's process or their own truth. It is also no ones place to say who can or cannot heal...or that a healer isn't a healer because of what beliefs they hold. We all carry a vibration for the right circumstances and people at the right time to come into our life. We also need to be able to let go of what no longer serves us regardless of the place they held in your life. This opens the door to all doors for new and better things to come.

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