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There are many gifts that are a part of a sensitive, empath or “Shining One”. We don’t just come with one pathway of abilities and knowledge; however, it is perfectly okay if you do. I found as I got older more abilities awakened in me, some I realized and others I would automatically do and not realize.

The one thing I have developed strongly with is my automatic “bullshit detector”. I know when someone is giving me excuses, telling me some cockamamie story, or just out and out lying to me. For the most part I have given some grace and space to those people and allowed them to think what they want. But lately I have grown impatient with the lies, deceptions, and half-truths. I have started questioning and challenging what people have said. I am not usually confrontational; in fact, I hate confrontation. I like to “discuss” in a respectful tone. But, when someone is being dismissive, condescending, or arrogant, I will not allow my boundaries to be disrespected. If I do not want to confront someone, I change my energy and my approach by distancing myself from them when we connect.

I think it’s great to have some level of professionalism, so long as you don’t treat someone as though they know nothing or are insignificant. I have experienced this with a few professionals. I had a doctor that would explain away my issues and concerns. When she did this, it derided my thoughts and feelings as though my issues were a figment of my imagination or not concerning. She did not see me as someone who had abilities and gifts. I was in tune with my body, I understood how it works, we know our body and being better than anyone. My mother did that to me as well, she made me feel like my thoughts were not my own and that other people controlled my thoughts. It made me feel stupid, dumb, insignificant, and invisible. It wasn’t a one-time thing; she did that to me in everything that interested me all of my life. When someone does that to you, you have a very difficult time figuring out who you are and your path, especially when you’re just a kid.

These experiences have shaped how I treat my own clients. I have always referred to the people who come to me as a client and not a patient. Patients usually aren’t allowed to have control over their health choices, they receive their info, methods, and medicine from the professional because “he/she” knows best. Education and degree’s do not give anyone the right to dictate your own choices for your body or for anything in your life. In my world clients are guided to make their own choices. Using critical thinking is a gift you give someone so they can decide for themselves what works best for them or what is true for them. I want clients to feel that they are important…because they are, I want them to see themselves as worthy…because they are worthy…we all are. When a client leaves a session, they are armed with knowledge, tools, and choices.

Boundaries are a big part of healing, and our inner knowing is a huge part of our life path. Knowing when someone isn’t being completely honest isn’t just for family, friends, or neighbours, it’s for everyone you deal with. It is also important factor when listening to the radio, news or tv. I haven’t watched the news in over 8 years for two reasons. One, I refuse to allow my energy to be bombarded by negativity. I rarely have heard the news tell too many stories of good things especially in recent years. Two, my “bullshit detector” made me question much of what they were telling. It seems that the news thinks we will “blindly trust” everything they say. The news distracts you from focusing on you and your own life.

There are many distractions in the media to keep us from seeing what is truly happening as well. The bottom line is if it doesn’t make you feel good, if it fills you with fear and anxiety, makes you see someone as less than you or even hate them, you are not listening to your inner knowing. Someone else is feeding you information to keep you from listening to your own innate gift that keeps you sane, safe, and peaceful.

So, although I do not like confrontation, I am starting to ask or challenge when someone is not being honest, having the best of intentions or using words in a conversation that is repetitive. It’s like when they keep saying the same sentiments over and over again. Like, “ I wasn’t sure, so I just wanted to check”, “ I was going to do that” meanwhile their actions are not even close to what they are doing. Lies don’t just come in words. I friend once told me “Don’t listen to the words, watch what they do”. It made total sense to me in a way that awakened my abilities. People will say something, and their actions don’t match their words. This is also where intention plays a role.

There are different types of knowledge, like street sense, common sense, intellect, wisdom etc. Each type has value, and we can have a little of all or one. But the most important aspect that we need in our life is a connection to our own “inner knowing”. It is using all of our senses to determine our path, what is best for us and what is meant for us.

In my Sensitives/Empaths workshops you learn how to navigate your world of abilities. You will gain valuable insight on your path and how to “tune in” to your own inner knowing. You learn the value of daily self-care and practice. Learn healthy boundaries that allow you the space to feel free to express your authentic self. I share experiences that guided me and what happened when I didn’t listen to that guidance. The guidance you receive will help you feel confident, and safe in using your gifts. You are guided and apprenticed with a sage and crone with years of experience as an Empath, Sensitive, HSP that has abilities with clairsentient, claircognizant with touches of clairvoyance and clairaudient.

Build your methods and fill your treasure chest of knowledge and abilities so you can feel confident, happy & free.

Friday, October 20th 7:00 pm - 9:00 pm

Saturday, October 21st 9:00 am - 4:00 pm

Sunday, October 22nd 10:00 am - 4:00 pm

Location: TBA

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