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I was scrolling through Instagram on a quiet Sunday and trying to enjoy taking a break from house chores. I saw someone asking about an item they had found at their new home and was asking people what it was. It was a Valhalla Ladder with a crystal on it, so I was going to make a comment with my thoughts of what it was. As I scrolled through the comments up pops this one “ Its DEMONIC, pray to Jesus and get saved. You will never be bothered again.” The best form of ignorance and gaslighting I have seen in a while.

Let me be very clear, I am supportive of all beliefs so long as they honour everyone’s path, other beliefs, and respect that tradition. But the minute a belief system begins to speak on the behalf of privilege, projection, ignorance, and hate, I won’t hesitate to speak my mind. I won’t go into bashing Christianity but when a religion and its followers base their information by what they have been taught and think that its fact… its hatred and it perpetuates hatred.

However people find their way through their own religious beliefs, as long as they come from a place of love, respect, compassion, and integrity, then we can sit at a table of acceptance. When we disrespect other spirituality

, it says one religion is better than another one and those who practice that belief are less than or not equal. Sure, everyone is “free’ to practice that belief but how you act towards others says more about you than it does about them.

I have never believed that anyone is better or more powerful than anyone else. Although, I felt intimidated at first that speaks to my insecurities…and It’s speaking to the insecurities of others who cannot support other belief systems. There is so much narcissism, ignorance, misinformation, cynicism, and malice for others who walk a different path that creates division. It alienates people from families, friends, and communities.

There is a cult that made its way through my spiritual community, and it created a huge division filled with misinformation and that cult still walks among us today. They are honing their ignorance to the gay community focusing on Transgender people. Once again, they spew their ignorance and misinformation from an extreme right winged ideology. It has also created a division in the Gay community.

ANYTHING OR ANYONE who uses information based on their beliefs or religious teachings are not Christian in my opinion, they are Karen’s looking for a place to insert their ignorance. They gaslight, and throughout their thoughts regardless of how it affects others even though they have no tangible or respectable knowledge of that spirituality or the Gay community. This cult or right winged extremists have never asked anyone or got their information from any official Gay organizations. This same division and ignorance from right winged cult ideology is also reaching into the education system regarding children using pronouns. I knew that I was gay when I was 3 years old, but I didn’t have the words or understanding of why I felt strongly connected to someone of the same sex.

Today the younger generation is much more astute to who they are and how they identify. They are trying to feel comfortable in their own shoes and feel safe …allowing kids to identify without judgement also opens up acceptance for those who are different…rather than creating hate towards something they don’t understand. The adults, cults and authorities are doing a fine job in creating hate with their right winged agenda.

Regardless, it’s all labels to help understand who they are and until we get that, we will continue to see the highest rates of suicide in the gay community. All of this pertains to a spiritual war creating division at all levels. There is a difference between having an opinion and spewing words that create hate and allowing a child to feel safe and understood. This is about controlling someone else’s path and belief by inserting the words you have learned in your world…it has no business in someone else’s. Before my favourite Aunt June and Godmother passed, I asked her if she had any wisdom she could give the younger generation what would it be…LOVE ONE ANOTHER ! Simple and to the point.

If it doesn’t come from love, in words, thoughts or actions…it’s not Christian or a true believer in your “God” or from any other belief system. My Aunt was Christian and went to church, she also taught Sunday School, she knew I was Gay, and she loved me no less. We are here to support others along their journey PERIOD. No exceptions.

Wars are created by dividing people, from greed, wanting power and control…stop letting your own fears and ignorance project onto others in the world. Until that happens you are a creator and contributor to hatred…and you cannot hide behind God or Jesus …you cannot use scriptures, the bible or cult mentality and say you’re a Christian.

Love One Another…Love is all there is…Period.


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1. HYPNOSIS - ONE SESSION - $90. - Packages available (Please note that one session will NOT help for issues with deeper healing)

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These orders will take two weeks to one month to complete. The Nordic Energy Mobiles on special will be no larger than a one strand mobile or 10 inches in diameter.



Learn how to make Nordic Energy Mobiles using the Futhark Rune Symbols and other forms of charging and enchanting your energy mobile.

All materials are included, driftwood, lace for web of life, crystals, shells, bone, and more.

Oracle card for spirit messages.

Drumming & sound bowls.

One small journal book.

You receive a 15-minute guided meditation to focus your attention with your Nordic Mobile.

Learn general meanings of Runes & other forms of symbology.

A draw will be made at each workshop and one person will win a FREE Hypnosis or Hypnojourney Session.

Investment: $100. Per person - Bring a friend & pay $80. (One friend)

6-person limit.

Gift Certificates Available

Choose One workshop and One location below

1. Sunday, December 3rd or December 30th at 1428 Folk St. Holdfast, 10:00 a.m. - 4:00 p.m.

2. Saturday, January 27th at Essential Elements Metaphysical - 134 Main St., Moose Jaw

Contact Sacred Source Medicine (Zero’s)


639 480 8802

More workshops will be posted in the coming weeks.

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