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Thinking Thursday

"Thoughts become think good ones..."

~ Mike Dooley

Its easy to say but sometimes more challenging to really understand. Sometimes we think our opinion is truth, that we can speak it as we like and has no cause or effect. But they are thoughts that affect the collective, therefore in some cases can create division. We all have the same basic needs, regardless we cannot impose our opinion on others. We are in this life to live, learn and grow from our experiences not to conform to someone else's ideals. In some cases I do not tell everyone the reasons for my thoughts because they are not ready to hear them.

I have been able to see the whole event play out long before people realize whats going on. I'm not a practicing medium, I just "know" and when it has happened in past, it was exactly as I thought it would and has never been wrong. But it also helps to really "dream our world into being", to manifest our world in a loving way. It cannot come from a place of fear and control...this is not the way of divine.

So my thought is...let go of the wheel and let our higher power guide us.

Sharon Whitethunder Baldock

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