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Thinking Thursday

It is said that everything we see and experience is an illusion and our minds create what we see and experience. In order to feel peace we must embrace impermanence, be content in the here and now....there is some truth in everything. The more we cling to our past experiences and desires , we suffer with our mental thoughts...this is a Buddhist teaching.

I wonder how many of those people believe this are in a good place, secure in a home and with a partner ? I think that even the most astute wise person who practices any belief is challenged by life. I also think they have good and bad days...but have found ways to get back to a peaceful existence. The difference between those that continue to "suffer" and those who find a state of calm they practice. They practice their teachings, their methods of centering and grounding, they practice peacefulness...and let go of judgement.

If we are always in a state of upheaval and letting our minds control the narrative, its difficult to find our peaceful place. This is why even in those times I practice...I practice the things I have learned that bring me back to my center. Each one of us is capable of learning what it takes to live a life of peace and freedom...but it doesn't come without challenges. Sometimes we have to stand together to change the energy.

Today I feel good, I feel hopeful, I feel rested and safe. I stay in the moment

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