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Transformation Tuesday

The one constant thing that happens in life is change. We change every minute of everyday in various ways. For some change can be a scary thing, it means letting go of thoughts, ideas and habits that we have felt safe with for a very long time. Change has no sides it can be either positive or negative and this is another reason why people fear change, there are no guarantees. Now, to be clear a positive change allows you to go through the world with autonomy. Each time a shift in change happens we should feel stronger, wiser, happier and more free.

We all are spiritual sovereign beings, we walk this earth where changes occur not just in our lives... but everywhere around us. The interesting part is where we stood, how we responded and how did we affect the outcome. We are all a part of the collective, we are all a part in the energy that manifests and what we do to one...we do to us all

When we take a moment before we speak and come from the heart we begin a small change within us. One word, one sentence can change course and outcome in that exact moment.

"Hate has caused a lot of problems in the world, but has not solved one yet."

~ Maya Angelou

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