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What is Truth?

I've spent my life having difficulty understanding why people don't listen when I speak about something. At the same time I have had people thinking or saying "What do you know about it?, What credentials do you have that you can speak about this? There are so many things wrong when someone assumes you know nothing and they...know everything. I for one have made that mistake but it was more out of a frustrated and traumatized teen. I was made to feel dumb or less than because what I had to say came from the view that I was not good in school....and I wasn't. Bu,t that shouldn't have meant I didn't have value or know the truth. I was highly sensitive and shut down because I didn't live up to the expectations of my family, relatives and society. I didn't fit into a box or category that people believed I should have existed. I was a lesbian in a small town, had gifts and abilities (that were quashed) and my dad passed away when I was 5 years old. He was my best friend, he protected me, made me feel special and accepted me for who I was....that changed when he past away...very drastically.

I am not against education so long as it allows you your own sovereign inner knowing, critical thinking and openness to challenge what is being taught. Most education today only allows you to learn what they want you to learn according to their doesn't matter if you have good critical thinking, an open mind or your own intelligence.

Education should be "this is what you learn but no matter what keep your own common sense and critical reasoning intact. Critical thinking allows one to see the point of view from many perspectives and allows you to find your own truth. The important part of critical thinking is it doesn't close the door to changing your thoughts. This is what being sovereign is about. Your allowed to choose what is best for your and if something changes, you grow from each experience and new information.

Now on the spiritual side of this is something called "intuition" your innate inner knowing that tells you what is truth and what is best for you. We all came here for different reasons but what it boils down to is seeing everything within your and around you through the eyes of compassion, respect and understanding. Intuition can be tricky for some and an illusion for others. You cannot use information from other sources (no matter their credentials) to make a critical decision. You cannot use the brain to come to your conclusions. Your intuition has to be clear of any outside interference. This means practicing meditation, clearing chakras. clearing your space, connecting to your helping ancestors and healing them.

If we want to live and know our truth we must do the emotional, mental, physical and spiritual healing and work. Otherwise all your doing is allow your ego and unhealed past to govern your path. As I work on my healing I see more and more people using their education or other sources to speak for their truth. I am relieved to see more people are finally awaking and doing the healing work.

A good friend of mine had a very wise quote that he puts on cards. Micheal Stadola is a very astute and wise man that has had a healing space for over a decade. He has offered his space for free so people could come and get assistance from the Devas for healing.


Truth is diverse. This is somewhat contradictory, but proves that all things hold true according to one's understanding at the moment. There is then no need to debate over who is wrong or right. We are who we are at the moment until a new insight arises. Once we understand this we will no longer feel the need to prove it.

We simply live it as it evolves.

~ Micheal Stadola

I have more upcoming events

1. BearFoot Bliss - Sacred Connection to Elementals & Nature Spirits ™ - Deep meditative conection

2. Shining One's Methods & Techiniques - Workshop for Empaths and Shining ones

3. Whitethunder Empowerment Circles - Includes Munay Ki Rites & Fire Ceremony

I am leaving facebook for good very soon. In my opinion this social media doesn't want truth, it wants control. I also believe it is a source of separation and divides people because if you don't post all nice things...they flag you for going against community standards. You can find me on




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