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Wisdom Wednesday

When clients come to me for healing, I never assume they don't know things. When you walk through the door we are equal, and I am your guide. You have knowledge, you have abilities, you can see beyond this realm, the only thing you need from me is a starting place. At this starting place is an open door of endless possibilities, and while you walk through that door, I will hold it open until you find what you need.

With closer relations we tend to assume that people don't know or that we are asking for their advise. I have always seen things in advance or had this inner knowing of events in life. When people are thinking about something I have usually gone over it weeks, months and even years before they have come to their own conclusion. I have done this since I was a child getting information way ahead of the time before others get their information. Some have witnessed this foreseeing of events or experiences. I don't know if what I do would be described as a medium and I'm sure there is a title for it, I just don't feel the need to label just is.

I think its a good thing to go with the premise that everyone has the knowledge/vision rather than assuming they don't. I will admit I get lost in my thoughts at times and have had health issues that affected the information I received...during that time. When I am in a good place, healthy and grounded...I remember and reconnect to that "foreseeing". I think its time to claim our place in the world so that people don't assume that we don't know...because we do. I also think its time that people stopped assuming that others don't know. Its time to let people stand in their authentic way and see them when they do.

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