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WISE WORDS ~ Arm Chair Coaches

Walk a mile in someone else's shoes....this quote really needs to apply lately. Is it me or does it seem like people are so quick to judge...or need to be right ? The most concerning thing about this is that even those who I consider to be reasonable seem to have altered the most basic critical thinking. I have spoken before on Critical thinking but I don't think people understand it fully.

Critical thinking is “the process of thinking carefully about a subject or idea, without allowing feelings or opinions to affect you.” From the Cambridge Dictionary. I for one have also been distracted by my feelings and opinions. I give myself a time out and stay away from mainstream media (the worst influence for misinformation). I meditate, work on my enchanted crafts and get my brain to let go of emotional attachments. I then sit with it in stillness, and ask for the truth to be shown. I have mentioned before that I am a sensitive so when I get to this point, I get answers without knowing anything about curtain issues.

Here is the difference of how I see a lot of people thinking they have done this work...they see a story or hear a rumour and take it at face value. The trust the source implicitly, and don't ask any questions. They become angry, upset, disgusted or offended because why on earth would my source tell a lie. They also won't look at other sources regardless if its the truth or not, whether the media or that person have been caught in a lie.

In society today, I see a lot of people fed up and don't care about whether they are right or wrong...then just want their piece of the pie. That piece of the pie doesn't have to be can be emotional. Critical thinking similar to science...yet science is also not doing its own critical thinking.

There are so many factors that we do not know and yet we feel that we can be an arm chair coach in someone else's life. Given that the information comes from another source, media or confidential source...I know another quote that could apply to this...

"Before these words pass through three gates:

Is it true...

Is it necessary...

Is it kind..."

The last one pretty simple...what we do to one...we do to us all...its just that simple...take a someone else's shoes

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