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Wise Words ~ Spiritual Status & Labels

Updated: Mar 17, 2022

I have in past, referred to people who take my classes and my workshops as "students". When I began to see the people who participated as very knowledgeable or just as knowledgeable calling them students felt inappropriate and patriarchal. When someone is coming to you to gain knowledge, you are teaching & sharing with them what you know. What we know as teachers is limited to our own experiences and its a whole big world out there just full of things we haven't learned yet.

So how do we refer to people who come to us to learn about our knowledge ? Apprentice, Novice, Learners, Tenderfoot, Tyro, , Novice, a Knowledge Gatherer, a Neophyte...and the synonyms list is long. I like the description of "academic" it offers something beyond the ideal of student, it places new learners in a place of higher learning, an equal, or complimentary of their own innate knowledge.

The one thing that student does do well in description is that we are all "Students of Life." No matter what education, status, age or sexual orientation, every single person walking this earth is a student of life. I can admit to mistakes I have made and I am usually the hardest on myself when I commit them or come to my own truth in them. This is important when we teach or share our knowledge...I would prefer to be referred to as a Wayshower, Gate Keeper, Guide or Sage. I do not claim a "status" I feel this is ego when we are teachers. But, this is what fits for me, others may feel more comfortable with student. All I know is, it does not sit right with me.

There are many that may not feel a label is needed, there are those who are without a need for a words to describe them. I struggle with labels as far as describing what I do, so I just say " I am what I need to be...When I need to be it..." Sometimes we fit the label until we learn something new or something better. Whatever you feel is right for you as long as you don't stay there. Stay in tune with yourself and discern before making steps onto a new journey. Just be ready to know when and what your next steps may be...or take you.

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