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Wounded Healers & Sensitives

How many years have we all been trying to create happiness, abundance, peace or love? Is there something deep inside that is saying " I don't feel complete", like there is something missing? Perhaps you have tried to create success for yourself for years and you just can't seem to get it moving ? Maybe you have a family, a job and are successful but deep down you feel a something is missing. Is there a fear of the unknown? Or a fear of finding something so deep and so visceral you think you would never recover ...or lose who you are?

What if the things you lost brought you all the things you were looking for...all the happiness...all the success, peace, love and strength...most of all...your true self? It is our birthright to have all of these things and more but guilt, shame, doubt, worry, anxieties, prevent us from having these things. There are some of us who just can;t seem to get to the source of our pain because we don't know how.

Healers and Sensitives struggle with this more often that not. We feel that we are deserving of this cast of hardships, that this is our lot in life....but that is not true. It is the teachings we grew up with that harden this belief system and in some cases it was inherited. We don't just get the amazing gifts of healers and Sensitives, along with them come the difficulties of our ancestors. Science is already proving that we carry the emotional hardships of our ancestors that are passed down to each generation. This is why healing our ancestral lineage is so prevalent and so important right now.

I remember as a child hearing "you shouldn't be so sensitive", "you will have to grow a thicker skin to survive in the world", "you're weird or strange", and when someone died I was basically told not to express my emotions. My dreams were "just bad dreams" and if I could sense things (that actually happened) it was just a coincidence. Today I am a wounded healer but I have been doing healing work for a few years, its is only in the past six months that substantial progress has been made. My healing journey truly began when I found the support and courage to face the void...that empty dark place of shadow that holds trauma, and a plethora of emotional pain.

I can imagine others having stories from childhood where they were considered "the work of the devil". But for my abilities, I was invisible, unimportant, I had no safe place to talk openly about what was happening and the things I could see. Today I am working on regaining my gifts through my own healing work. As I regain my strengths I am capable of doing workshops to help others along their journey. I want to share my knowledge to help others so they can attain or achieve healing and become "Authentic" with everything they do in life.

The Shining Ones & Empaths workshop helps you to gain tools for your healing. These groups will help you to understand who you are and why you are here. The Shining Ones workshops will help you to learn how to navigate the world and the people in it so you don't "take on" the energy of others or the collective. It will also help you to understand the type of healing work within you that you need to address.

You are not alone, many of us are trying to navigate the heavy and dark energy that is floating around the universe. People like you and me are helping by going into that dark void within us so we can shine....this workshop will be a safe place for all Shining Ones to be who they are.

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