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Crab Nebula


Traveling to the answers of your heart, mind & soul

Hypnojourneying reaches deep into the superconscious state so you journey to help find solutions or making sense of your life and your world.  It involves Shamanic Journeying which can include visiting upper, middle and lower worlds.  I have found hypnosis to be very helpful for me to reach places I could not find on my own. 

I assist you to travel through time or the cosmos, dimensional travel, or journey to a past life or past lives.  We determine the session by asking questions prior to the session to form our plan.  We determine what seems out of place in your life and what we can do to help gain better balance in a safe environment. We co-create a plan of action and intention to help bring the best results for you. 


I guide you in this deep hypnotic transcendental state taking you to places to help receive messages, understanding, and hopefully peace.  I am the guide and gatekeeper for you journey without intruding with what you may or may not find, allowing you privacy.   I ensure proper questions, statements & guidance to help find what your looking for.  We take time after the journey to interpret and understand what took place.  At the end we take a few moments to discern what you saw, and sometimes it can take a few weeks or more for the messages or visions to make sense.  There is a process in all forms of healing to allow things to come to you this is no different for messages. It is best not obsess or focus too much in sorting out what came to you on your Hypnojourney.

Change is constant in life and it is up to you to make the changes for the betterment of you own life...with help and guidance.  It has taken you a lifetime to come to the place you are takes time to rebuild or regain a healthy passion for takes healing and commitment.

The number of sessions may vary from person to person.  It may require more than 3 sessions to achieve what you desire.  It also may reveal other issues that may need other methods of healing, 

Magical Landscapes


 Journeying is where the shaman goes down into the earth, either through a cave or goes down into the earth through an opening of a tree, to arrive at the lower world.  One of the main traits of the underworld has a deep connection with power and transformation. The spirit helpers of the underworld may have the shape of animals or be power animals that shamans work with. There are also spirits helpers in the shape of trees, the wind, ancestral healers or guides. There are no restriction in the form that the helpers can adopt to share their strength with us.


The Lower world, correlates to brainwave states of theta and delta. It is in these states it is used for reclaiming lost power, healing, soul retrieval. It is where the embodiment of your belief systems take place in the subconscious.



The middle world is the same as our earthly world, which includes all soul aspects and spiritual dimensions. The shamanic middle world encompasses this world. It involves everything beyond the veils, such as the worlds of nature beings and soul aspects of nature, as well as, the future and the past of our earth.

It is in this world that the shaman will travel to discover specific information about a place or event on the earth or to work in the soul of a certain place or nature.  Hypnojourneying guides and helps you to let go of preconceived ideas so the subconscious is able to accept, understand & embrace this deep conscious concepts.  I am there as your guide and helper to assure your safety and healing.


This can be conversational hypnosis, through special verbal context ( like talk stories). I use specific guided creative imagination, visualizations or hypnotic language patterns that helps the subconscious to ‘invent’ or daydream in our imagination what we were trying to address.

Foggy Mountains


The upper world journey is to get a different viewpoint on an issue(s) using your "higher" or more creative mind. 

The upper world is where the "gods, goddesses, angels, messengers,  ancestors, and spirit guides" live. Shamans go there for many things including, soul retrieval, past lives, divination, journeys and inspiration. This type of spiritual connection is connected to our superconscious.

The art of crafting hypnotic storytelling suggestions to elicit sensory experience is called 'hyperempiria'.  Hyperempiria, uses alertness and increased responsiveness and sensitivity to bring a higher consciousness in which a person's creative abilities are brought to a higher level, as in Shamanic journeying to the upper world.

Soul Loss & Soul Retrieval (age regression and Parts therapy)  Parts of your soul can "split off" or "fragment" and go to other realms so that your physical body can survive a trauma or loss. With a fragment of your soul gone, you can suffer a physical, psychological or spiritual loss of power.

The idea of Soul Retrieval is to make contact with a lost fragment and reintroduce it to your soul so your totality can heal and thrive. According to Alberto Villoldo, Ph.D., shaman see these soul parts as beings that we can engage and speak to ... and heal ... and rescue.

Soul loss can occur as a result of trauma. When a child is abused or traumatized, a fragment of their soul breaks off and returns to the archetypal domain of the "Great Mother" for protection her real mother cannot provide.

Symptoms of soul loss frequently manifest as feelings of being fragmented, of not being all there; blocked memory or a sudden onset of apathy or listlessness, or a lack of joy in life; the inability to feel love for others or receive love from another, often resulting in a sense of being emotionally flat-lined. The loss of these parts of the self-manifests frequently as despair, as suicidal tendencies and/or addictions, or most often -- depression."

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