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The more healing work we do and the more we connect to our own innate abilities...the more we feel the joy, inspiration, love, confident and alive we feel. Self care is not just a buzz word or a fad, its what brings us to a place in life that feels good about everything we do.

It is important to not see the healing you go through as a uphill climb, which it can be at times, but to learn coping tools and feel good about what you achieve to get there with confidence. Healing is work and there is no reason you shouldn't put as much effort, or even more, into becoming all that you can be...not for others....but for you. Just know that whatever you go through I am committed to being there to guide you along that journey.

I feel inspired by the clients, who have connected to me for healing, to create more of what I think will help them to nurture grow and live their life purpose. These are the upcoming events and new services that can be viewed on the website.

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THE SHINING ONES ~ Sensitives & Empaths Workshop

"A trained empath or sensitive can transmute negative energy and restore peace in a situation"


When we feel safe in our own world and the world around us, all that magic, all that inspiration, all those sensitivities, all those gifts and abilities become your sparkle...we become a beautiful Shining Star....a Shining One.

· Understand how energy works

· Intuition our compass to the world around us

· Clearing, charging, balance, centering & grounding

· Our purpose & responsibility

· Basics about empaths, sensitives, & mediums

· Basics of Clairvoyance, clairaudience, claircognizant, Clairsentient

· Discerning types of energy & spirits

· Tools & methods for clearing & protection

· Setting boundaries with people & spirits

· Shared experiences

· 1 month free online private support & share group with your peers

· 2 group hypnojourneys See details here:

To see more upcoming events, workshops and specials please visit my website

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