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Healing Mother Wounds Hypnotherapy

Updated: Jan 15, 2023

When we think of Mother Earth pertaining to healing, we see beauty, changing seasons, nature, birth, death, rebirth, and the power of her ability to balance life. It can be devastating to watch harsh floods, fires and the coldest winters wreak havoc and suffering to all living creatures...yet that is the balance of life.

Before she gets to that harsh and sometimes cruel balance there is a time of green fields, trees, flowers, bees, and growth. If something does not grow well, especially in gardening, it either dies, does not grow very big or it can get taken over by weeds...if it is not taken care of or nurtured. Nothing can survive or become all it can be if it doesn't have the right methods to make it grow to become what it can be.

When children miss the very basic of things very early on in life, it effects not just their physical growth, but there mental growth and health. There has been a lot of focus on the father or male patriarchal side, but how much has been focused on the dysfunction of the mother or female? No, this is not about blame or "she did the best she could" or "once you become an adult its all your responsibility. If those mother wounds have never been acknowledged or validated it means the child or adult from childhood trauma holds all the responsibility for the wounds...and that is not only unfair, its damaging and toxic. We cannot heal what we don't acknowledge and it doesn't matter if it is father or mother.

When we consider the world today and how lacking it is in love, the mother is the first and foremost center for a loving environment. There are many reasons that a mother may have for not being able to meet the needs of their child and it may very well be that they have their own mother wounds to heal. But we need to begin with were it all began right back to our conception.

It is important that when you begin to heal mother wounds that you have a support system in place. I am not just talking friends or family members, not everyone will have the best family support. You can have one or ten other siblings and their experience will be a completely different world than the one you had. Your support system should include energy work, acupuncture, body talk, homeopathic remedies or other similar healing practitioners. Where I can help you is with hypnotherapy.

The subconscious and body stores every single memory you have ever had right from birth. Depending on your beliefs, it can also be from past lives. I can guide you through hypnojourneying to heal past life or universal consciousness.

Hypnotherapy creates a different story in the subconscious and helps you to let go of the old one from this life time. Hypnojourneying works on healing past life experiences that effect your life now. The number of sessions will depend on how deep the trauma's are and what other types of healing you are receiving to assist you. Ultimately, it depends on your commitment and willingness to do the work. It takes a conscious effort using awareness, acceptance and self care to achieve a life with greater ease. Eventually, life does get better and hypnosis or hypnojourneying is a great start.

I will be offering Hypnotherapy packages for groups and private sessions in the coming months online via zoom. Check my weibsite at the end of January for more details, dates and times

Mother Wound ~ Group - 4 Sessions

Investment $220.

Mother Wound - Private - 4 Sessions

Investment $420.


Sharon Whitethunder Baldock


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