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Sacred Path ~ Remember Who You Are

There are many new age groups that have popped up in the past 20 years. Some of them have brought about good intention and have walked the walk. Some have caused cult like mentality and dangerous belief systems that segregate and separate the collective. When "Speaking our Truth" causes division then it has nothing to do with the truth and everything to do with their own shadow/ego side. It is no longer about oneness, it does not come from a place of comes from hate, manipulation and control.

Speaking your truth has become a buzz word and in some cases they believe if it hurts you then its okay because its my truth. Its NOT! Your truth is for your tribe....YOUR healing and spewing your truth to the general public does not give you right to bash people with your ignorance. Even when you speak to your tribe it does not mean you should take those spoken words as truth. Speak about what you know...not what you hear. Truth is NOT an opinion because opinion comes from the critical "Subconscious mind". And opinions are like assholes....everyone has one.

Anytime someone's truth ostracizes, belittles or shames someone it causes separation in the collective and sets out a universal vibration of judgement, criticism and hatred. It also opens the door for negative darkness to grow roots and infect others. If you want to be a leader...lead with love...and if it doesn't come from a loving place check yourself and your thoughts. We have been both sexes in previous lifetimes, we are a soul with no sexual orientation...WE are all human....but we are spirit in a body experiencing the human experience.

How we identify in this life is not up for discussion, debate or open for opinion... you can't be a leader if you do not respect everyone for who they are. We are spirit in a human body...remember who YOU are.

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