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Sacred Path ~ The Healing Journey

“Healing also means taking responsibility in your own suffering”

I do believe in a co-creative method of working with clients. It is important as healers we understand that we do not become a "crutch" or dependency for our clients. There is no "fail" (First Attempt In Learning), some of my clients have felt somewhat defeated in the beginning of their healing journey. If you consider how long one may have carried the emotional and physical pain it is really unfair to expect our healing to be "cured" within a certain time limit. Also, it is important to realize the "entanglement" that happens when we begin our healing journey. The connections to our healing don't just go back in our life time...they go back to many lifetimes and to our ancestors.

If we take the root word of responsibility, it becomes “response ability.” Yes, the onus is on each of us to do our own healing and to become aware of what we need to do and see to create a healthier life. This does not mean that we should beat ourselves up, carry blame, shame, listen to old messages from ourselves or anyone else. In some situations people may have to address their issues regardless whether they are ready to do healing work or not. No one can be forced into doing healing work regardless, some may never do the healing work they need to do. Its not easy to watch someone you care about suffer and you know you can see their life potential. In some cases it can be projection from our own healing needs to wish someone would do their own healing. None the less...we have to learn to listen and stop giving advise if we truly want to be supportive in someone else's suffering. Be kind and gentle.

If you want to learn more about healing I will be doing a presentation of my business services in Saskatoon June 11th at Veranda from 1:00 - 3:00 p.m. 2120 St. George Ave., Saskatoon Sk.

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