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Updated: Oct 19, 2022

I can't believe how fast this summer went by. I have a treatment room that I painted and set up to make it a sanctuary for healing and for the practitioners. I still have some things I want to set up in the treatment room but for now its comfortable and welcoming. I share it with another person so we alternate days/weeks.

I've also took part in two venues recently and will have a table at "THE WITCHES EXPERIENCE " venue on October 28th & 29th. My website has a page called "UPCOMING VENUES" the information will be on that page for more information. There might be a Samhain "Witches Experience"market and I will keep you posted if there is.

When we pay for tables at a venue we never know how well we will do. What I find is when I listen to my intuition and my guides they always bring me to where I need to be. I do enchantments of manifesting to create my hopes, dreams and desires but the important part of manifesting is not depending on it like a crutch. I continued to do the things and envision what I want to manifest but I am very careful not to place negative emotions with it. I don't get panicked, worry, get frustrated or angry...I just keep moving forward.

So far, I have found someone to share the treatment room with, gone to at least one venue where I had great success, my clientele has building and I have been busy creating new Enchanted Crafts that have sold very quickly. Sometimes I don't get a chance to put them on my website. Clients have been booking appointments and my schedule is filling up.

When I started letting go of the way I think things should be and started asking what direction I need to go, things began to fall into place. I no longer teach Reiki or do treatments unless someone specifically asks. I have been learning about Norse Shamanism as a Siedr (Seer/Healer), Rune Symbols, Bindrunes. I offer Shamanic Healing that works with Norse Shamanism, Munay Ki Ceremonies, sound healing and Asian methods. You can read more about them on my website.

Hypnotherapy or Hypnojourneying is another amazing service and it has made some significant changes in the lives of my clients, including my own. Hypnosis works on the subconscious or "superconscious" mind. This has nothing to do with "stage hypnosis" and you do not reveal secrets that you do not want known. I have worked with people who have said "they can't be hypnotized" and this has more to do with trust and finding the right practitioner more than anything.

Hypnosis is a state of mind where you are almost falling asleep yet perfectly aware of whats happening. Once your in that "mind state" the conscious is relaxed so we can create a different story in your subconscious. My intention is that you always feel safe, comfortable, and that you know you are always in control. What hypnosis does is help create a different story the subconscious had held onto for days, weeks, months, years, all the way back to your birth. Sometimes we do regression or past life regression to address issues that have been inherited. Hypnosis works on PTSD, anxiety, behavioural issues, sleep, inner child, self talk and so much more.

Hypnojourneying helps people to work with the superconscious. We work on a spiritual level together where we enter into upper, middle or lower worlds. It is a state of "dreaming" where we journey to different realms, astral travel, or dimensional travel. The purpose of hypnojourneying is to allow your own innate ability to search, discover and apply what you find in your life on this plane. We don't always get the answer that we want...but we get the answer or information we need for the time we are in this state. Sometimes we bring back fragmented pieces that we lost in this life....or in a past life. Sometimes we find where we truely originated from and the family we have on a different level of superconsciusness.

Another service I offer under hypnojourneying is "Animal Messages." It is similar to description of hypnojourneying only we search for and discern animal messages in dream state or from personal encounters.

The Stars align for everything we seek or desire as long as we continue to move forward. We create our life by the thoughts we think and the feelings we feel. The important thing is not to judge or criticize who you are or what you are. Everything we experience is to help us to learn to be gentle with ourselves, do self care and to honour who we are...

If you are interested in hypnosis or hypnojourneying you can email me or schedule a free 20 minute consultation. Emails are also considered consultation, and you can inquire about things there.

Come visit me at the upcoming venue "THE WITCHES EXPERIENCE."

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phone: 639 480 8802


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