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The Shining Ones Sensitives/Empaths Workshop

Don't adapt to the energy in the room. INFLUENCE the energy in the room

~ Taylor James

Empaths Manifesto

"I am not here to fix anyone.

I am ready to honour my sensitive nature

Taking care of my energy is my priority

Saying no is a healthy way to set boundaries

Self-care is my path to attract amazing people

I am a super feeler, therefore I have a big heart

I don't owe anyone an explanation of why I feel this way

My sensitivity is my strength and source of intuition"

"A trained empath or sensitive can transmute negative energy and restore peace in a situation"

~ Jane_lightworker

I remember when I was young hearing words from family and friends "Don't be so sensitive", "your going to have to have a thicker skin to survive the world", "you are a worry wort" etc. The dreams or nightmares that I had about floating or flying where "just dreams" and teachers always putting on my report card that I would constantly "daydream" Early on I learned that having or doing these things was not acceptable by society. To be "different" meant bullying or ridicule from peers and I was labeled as "weird." If you don't have the supports or adults that allow a child to use their imagination in a positive way, we shut down. That part of us that is so unique, magical and inspiring may never see the light of day. But, we don't have to live in the past we can find our own soul family that accepts, supports and understands us unconditionally.

When we walk feel safe in our own world and the world around us, all that magic, all that inspiration, all those sensitivities, all those gifts and abilities become your sparkle...and you become a beautiful Shining Star....a Shining One.

We become all that we were meant to be and more. We learn the practice of protection, boundaries, knowledge and wisdom. Most of all, we learn how to utilize our abilities that can benefit universal energy, people, plants, animals and healing.

The Shining Ones "online" workshop

In this Shining Ones workshop, the intention is to help you to gain better understanding of what and who you are…and why you are here. The Shining ones Workshop is to help you to become more aware why self care is so important. This is a co-creative approach meaning that YOU need to do the work so YOU can strengthen your abilities and co-exist in the world. The teachings and sharing of knowledge will help you navigate and understand how to exist in the world.

  • Be empowered & confident with your own energy & learn empathic abilities

  • Learn the tools for self care, center, ground, & protection

  • Reignite your unique sparkle... let your heart open to what you can do

1. Feel empowered & confident with your own energy and abilities

Empaths or Sensitives can come from so many different descriptions. Discovering who you are is a life journey is a process because we continue to learn and grow. Imagine a life where you are so in tune with your intuition and who you are, that life flows smoother with everything you do and with every challenge that happens. The struggles in your life become less, you no longer feel fear or the need to control the events in your life. Its like we stop trying to swim in deep water with a strong current and instead...we just go with the flow...maybe even float on the water and enjoy the ride. As we do this our purpose and our direction becomes clearer.

Be who you were meant to be, not what you have been told you should be. Take time for stillness and quiet time alone.

2. Empath & Sensitives Types, Characteristics & Traits


  • Earth Empath

  • Animal Empath

  • Universal Empath

  • Person Empath

  • Plant Empath

  • Nature Empath

  • Dream Empath

  • Awakening Empath

  • Actualized Empath

Some talk about an "intuitive empath" but quite frankly all empaths are intuitive. When we trust and are in tune with our intuition we have a clear vision on our path.

Characteristics & Traits

  • You Experience Other People’s Emotions As if They’re Yours

  • You’re Highly Sensitive

  • You Feel Other People’s Physical Pain

  • You’re Excellent at Detecting Lies, even without hearing words

  • You’re tend to be an Introvert

  • You Might Struggle with Intimate Relationships

  • Seeing something suffer, Tragic Stories or Violent Events, Affect You Tremendously

  • Energy Vampires Are Attracted to You

  • Both positive and negative emotions feel strong for you

  • You Offer Help, sometimes overextending your energy

  • You take comfort in nature

  • People tend to tell you their problems

  • You don’t like conflict

  • You often feel like you don’t fit in

  • You have a hard time setting boundaries

  • You see the world in unique ways

3. Shining Ones Workshop !

The Empath & Sensitives workshop will offer a wide range of knowledge to allow you to make your own discoveries over this amazing 4 weeks. The time in between allows space to take the information in with gentleness. You are not graded or tested on anything here its up to you to do the work so you can begin your journey of discovery. We want you to feel confident and at ease with who you are becoming or be able to add more knowledge to your treasure chest of magic.

  • Understand how energy works

  • Intuition our compass to the world around us

  • Guided Meditations

  • Clearing, charging, balance, centering & grounding

  • Our purpose & responsibility

  • Basics about empaths, sensitives, & mediums

  • Basics of Clairvoyance, clairaudience, claircognizant, Clairsentient

  • Discerning types of energy & spirits

  • Tools & methods for clearing & protection

  • Setting boundaries with people & spirits

  • Shared experiences

  • Receive you own manual & workbook

  • 1 month free online private support & share group with your peers

  • 2 group hypnojourneys (see website for more details)

All on Sundays from 1:00 pm - 4:00 pm

12 person limit

This is an ONLINE event so you can access the workshop from the comfort of your own home. Each workshop is 3 hours on Sundays

March 5th & 19th

April 2nd & 16th

Investment $250. for all 4 workshops

Early registration discount $200 by February 10th


Pay as you go

$125 for the first workshop

$45. for the remaining 3 workshops -

Cancellation fees and admin fees apply

Must be paid 24 hours prior to workshop

Invest in yourself and make the world you live in a place where you feel safe, confident and free.

"We delight in the beauty of the butterfly, but rarely admit the changes it has gone through to achieve that beauty."

~ Maya Angelou

If you have more questions please contact me

Sharon Whitethunder Baldock

Check for more upcoming workshops and events on my website under "Workshops"

March, April, May & June

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  2. Munay Ki Rites, Fire Ceremony & Anyi Despacho

  3. BearFoot Bliss

  4. Dream Cast Journeying

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