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Wise Words ~ Illusion and chaos

If you have ever driven in a snow or rain storm where the wind makes it impossible to see, it gives you an idea of what illusion and chaos is. We know there is a road there but you cannot see it. So some may pull over until it clears up but in any kind of storm stopping can put you in as much danger as trying to get through it. The mud slides in British Columbia Canada were a good example of this...and I know this has happened in places all over the world.

When it comes to seeing things clearly in life that same fear, doubt , worry and anxiety you feel in a storm...we have choices to make. Is it so important to push through all the challenges or can we take a step back and evaluate ? Keep in mind that the more we focus on something, we get more of what we don't want. Are you the type of person that goes inside with thoughts ? Maybe you don't have someone you can trust to share you deep thoughts and concerns. you ? Maybe your trust has been broken so many times that you just keep it all inside.

I wonder how many people continue to keep things inside and don't realize...they are not alone. There are so many people that have had similar experiences like you and they have walked out of the fire even stronger and more resilient. Granted they did not get there easily, they had challenges and chaos, they probably fell more times than you know...and got back up. Just like driving through the storm...they kept moving, reevaluating and moving forward. The road is there all you have to do is take one step at a time and keep moving forward. As you keep moving the storm filled with fear, doubt, worry and anxiety clears, the road appears...the sun comes out and we see how far we have come.

Living in fear is a prison of our own minds...we can't live vicariously through the media and believe everything they tell us. They are a form of entertainment, they are given a script from someone else and the more they draw you in ...the more they make off of your fear. Challenges will always come up in life, and we can choose to life by fear or by love. There are support systems out there and many worthy healers that can guide you through that life storm. Let your light shine...reach out and let someone guide you through the storm ...we need you.

The past couple of years have been a challenge for many, we have suffered, experienced loss, felt hopeless, stressed and filled with fear. We have all been traumatized mentally and emotionally by the events of the past few years but that does not mean we have to stay there. If you are having difficulties I hope you will consider Hypnotherapy. Hypnotherapy is gentle, none invasive, helps change the reoccurring story in the subconscious but most importantly you do not have to reveal your deepest secrets. You are fully aware of everything around you and you are always in control. I am sure we all have wanted to rewrite some parts of our past and hypnotherapy is a great way to do that.

Let me hold space for you the make the changes you want to see in your life...and be you.

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